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Promote Your Studio with Showreels

with Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   03 Hailey's Tools


Class duration: 15h 29m

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About The Class

shoot, edit, and distribute video that will grow your business.

Video is a powerful tool for bringing the story of your business to life. Learn how to use still photos and video together to create dynamic products that promote your business from Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew.

Sue and Hailey take you through the process of producing a promotional video from inception to completion. You'll learn how to develop a video concept and establish your messaging. Hailey shows you how to prop and prepare a shoot and covers the 10 essential steps you must follow for every video production. You'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro to weave together still photos and video clips and how to pair that footage with music. Sue brings it all together and shows you how to integrate video into your marketing and how to effectively spread the word on social media.

If you want to learn how to shoot, edit and distribute a professional-quality video that will grow your business, this is the perfect course for you.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Hailey's Background and Story

  3. 03

    Hailey's Tools

  4. 04

    Idea Development and Preparing to Shoot

  5. 05

    Shot Examples and Morning Q&A

  6. 06

    Show Reels and Music

  7. 07

    Editing to Music

  8. 08

    Shooting Births

  9. 09

    10 Steps for Getting Your Video to Turn Out

  10. 10

    Afternoon Q&A

  11. 11

    Slow Motion

  12. 12

    How to Make a Fusion Video

  13. 13

    Preparing for the Shoot

  14. 14

    Shoot: Video Demo Test

  15. 15

    Shoot: Balloon/Confetti

  16. 16

    Shoot: Powder Paint

  17. 17

    Editing a Fusion Showreel

  18. 18

    Creating and Sharing Showreels

  19. 19

    Telling Client Stories with Video

  20. 20

    20 Ways to Market Your Business

  21. 21

    Designing Marketing Pieces with Templates

  22. 22

    Marketing on the Periphery

  23. 23

    Social Media Marketing

  24. 24

    The Light That Shines - Jill's Story

  25. 25

    BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Single Page

  26. 26

    BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Pricelist

  27. 27

    BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Design

  28. 28

    BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Gift Voucher

  29. 29

    BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Gift Voucher 2

  30. 30

    BONUS VIDEO: Marketing Template Demo - Brochure


Meet Your Experts

Sue Bryce

Multi-talented Sue Bryce is a Master Photographer, Artist, Illustrator, and anthropologist. Her style of contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture gives her clients the experience of looking like the women in magazines and feeling beautiful. Sessions are designed to pamper and celebrate everything ... read more

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Hailey Bartholomew

Hailey is an award winning film-maker and photographer who lives in Brisbane Australia. With her husband Andrew they run a successful film and photography company doing work in many diverse fields and countries! From AID organisations,TV commercials, family portraits to ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf cL Showreels - Day 1 Section 3.pdf
  • pdf cL Showreels - Day 1 Section 4.pdf
  • pdf cL Showreels - Day 2 Section 1.pdf
  • pdf cL Showreels - Day 2 Section 3.pdf
  • pdf cL Showreels - Day 2 Section 4.pdf
  • pdf cL Showreels - Day 3 Marketing.pdf
  • pdf Visual Video Reference Guide.pdf
  • pdf Gift
  • pdf
  • pdf GiftVoucher-TemplateSample.jpg

88% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Creativelive Student

    October 2014

    So I watched this teach over a year ago and just got around to actually editing and shooting a promo video for our wedding photography company. A fellow photographer and I just created a new wedding photography business and we really needed a concise, fun way to let people know who we are and show them our personalities. We have gotten SUCH a great response! It was an easy, non-salesmany (totally a word) way to get hundreds of likes and shares as well as drive traffic to our new site. It isn't the most technical teach, but it absolutely gave me all the tools I needed to shoot this! And I edited it in iMovie. It was definitely a labor of love, but I am so thrilled with the result! Sue, as always, was brilliant and Hailey is someone brimming with creativity and full of a palpable passion for what she does. Thanks to Sue and Hailey for putting together such a great teach!

  • Creativelive Student

    Creativelive Student

    April 2013

    This course is NOT very technical, but that's really the point. Instead, it focuses on ideas and inspiration, with a bit of gear and technique overview, some great marketing ideas, and boatloads of inspiration. Hailey is an incredible artist who shares her process generously and genuinely. Sue Bryce focuses it all with tremendous marketing savvy, showing you how to apply it directly to your business. This course is the perfect complement to 28 Days with Sue Bryce, also here on Creative Live. Both are really enjoyable, really inspiring, and really, really useful. Highly recommended!

  • Creativelive Student

    January 2013

    Great way to learn film making. Excellent way to learn from a film maker like Hailey Bartholomew who gives her 100% into every second of what she loves doing. Thank you Sue Bryce for introducing us to Hailey and thank you to Creative Live for keeping Sue back on CL. I reckon this as the future of education.

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