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Releases, Contracts, and Waivers for Photographers

with Rachel Brenke

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   02 Basics of Contracts


Class duration: 1h 20m

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About The Class

Know when and where to use each document

The use of legal documents is standard in business, but the understanding and implementation of these documents in photography businesses is less common. So many photographers land in hot water for not having or understanding the proper documents. Join Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog®, as she helps get you armed against liability and issues by discussing what releases should say and how to read contracts and waivers to set you up for success.

The Brenke Group, LLC, doing business as TheLawTog® (“TheLawTog”) provides an online legal portal to help customers identify business and legal problems commonly encountered by individuals in the photography industry. TheLawTog is not a law firm and does not and will not perform services performed by an attorney. TheLawTog is NOT a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Instead, TheLawTog provides templates and education to individuals who voluntarily chose to prepare their own legal and/or business documents, submit templates to licensed attorneys for modification, and/or for education purposes prior to contacting a licensed attorney.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Basics of Contracts

  3. 03

    Contract Requirements

  4. 04

    Types of Legal Documents: Contracts, Model and Print Releases

  5. 05

    Product, Payment, and Third Party Agreements

  6. 06



Meet Your Expert

Rachel Brenke

Rachel Brenke is the lawyer/photographer mastermind behind The Law Tog, a consulting firm that teaches and guides photographers through the ropes of business. Brenke began her career consulting for non-creatives and then combined her photography business experiences with legal education ... read more

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50% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Charlotte M

    Charlotte M

    February 2018

    Very reassuring to watch as you set up your contracts and policies! I own several of her template packages and this class was great for understanding the contents of my templates.

  • Richard Ujhely

    April 2018

    Terrible. She clearly understands the law but she talks over you. I am 100% comfortable with legalese and I found this a weak presentation. CreativeLive makes the complex easy to understand visually. She had maybe 10 slides and 20% were disclosures (seriously?). She essentially jumps from arbitrary example to arbitrary example. What I was looking for was a line of site guide to what are legal issues photographers face and how to protect themselves. It's clear she knows the law and types of issues that arise, unfortunately she's an awful presenter in terms of communicating to photographers in language they understand. "Know when and where" was the subtitle; was that really answered? - other then you always need one? The linear relationship between the law/protection and photography could have been better explained.

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