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Canon EOS 80D Fast Start

with John Greengo

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Class duration: 4h 35m

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About The Class

Know Your Camera, Inside And Out. Start Taking Pictures Today.

We know what it’s like to dive right into taking pictures with your new camera. But dense technical manuals make for a terrible first date. Get the most out of your new Canon EOS 80D with this complete step-by-step walkthrough of the camera’s features.

Join expert photographer John Greengo for a fast-track introduction, and unlock your camera’s full potential. In this fast start class, you’ll learn:

  • How to use and customize the menus
  • How to understand and use the autofocus system for great photos
  • How to incorporate video into your shooting using the 80D’s advanced video capabilities.
John is a CreativeLive veteran instructor and an experienced photographer. He has extensive experience teaching the technical minutiae that makes any camera an effective tool: aperture, ISO, the Rule of Thirds, and the kinds of lenses you’ll need to suit your camera body. This fast start includes a complete breakdown of your camera’s exposure, focus, metering, video and more. John will also explain how to customize the Canon EOS 80D’s settings to work for your style of photography.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Overview

  2. 02

    Photo Basics

  3. 03

    Top Deck: Mode Dial

  4. 04

    Top Deck: ISO

  5. 05

    Top Deck: Autofocus

  6. 06

    Top Deck: Flash & Focal Plane

  7. 07

    Back Side: Viewfinder Display

  8. 08

    Back Side: Live View & Movie Mode

  9. 09

    Back Side: Auto Focus and Quick Menu

  10. 10

    Left & Right Sides

  11. 11

    Bottom & Front of Camera

  12. 12

    Shooting Menu: Page 1

  13. 13

    Shooting Menu: Page 2

  14. 14

    Shooting Menu: Page 3

  15. 15

    Shooting Menu: Page 4

  16. 16

    Shooting Menu: Page 5

  17. 17

    Shooting Menu: Page 6 & Secret Menu

  18. 18

    Playback Menu

  19. 19

    Setup Menu

  20. 20

    Custom Functions Menu

  21. 21

    My Menu

  22. 22

    Camera Operation


Meet Your Expert

John Greengo

John Greengo is an award-winning photographer specializing in outdoor and travel photography. Shooting for over 3 decades, John has developed an unrivaled understanding of the industry, tools, techniques and art of photography. When he's not traveling for a new shoot, ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf Canon EOS 80D Recommended Settings
  • pdf Canon 80D Keynote

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Ashley McCarrick

    July 2016

    I bought an 80D so I could have a good all-around DSLR and I was thrilled to see that John just did this class. This is my 3rd class of John's and it was just as great as the others. I now understand what each of the menu settings means and which ones are the best for me. John is an excellent instructor, no matter what your photography skill level is. Thanks, John!

  • Justin Brodt

    June 2016

    Awesome class!!! First watched "How to choose your first DSLR camera" and decide on the Canon EOS 80D based on my needs and what I want to accomplish in the future. I have ordered the camera but have not recieved it yet but I still watched the class. Even though I didn't have the camera in hand I feel that I have a good understanding and feel for it already. The class is very informative and I would advise it to anyone who plans to or has purchased this camera. Great job John!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

  • Scott Ace Nielsen

    Scott Ace Nielsen

    May 2017

    I just purchased my Canon 80D and also this course, and I am so glad I did. It is truly a perfect virtual owners manual that I can watch any time. John Greengo is am awesome presenter and this is the second course of his that I have purchased so far. ..Well worth the cost, thank you!

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