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Nikon D3400 Fast Start

with John Greengo

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Class duration: 3h 14m

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About The Class

An In-Depth Introduction to the Nikon D3400

The Nikon D3400 camera is the perfect DSLR if you're looking to move up from taking pictures on your smartphone. This class will give you in-depth instruction on how to make this transition easily so that you can capture high-quality images. John will guide you through the features, menus, and buttons on your camera, giving you the confidence you need to take pictures like a pro. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the D3400's AF precise focus system, even during high-speed shooting and low-light situations
  • Link your D3400 to your smartphone using Nikon's new Snapbridge system
  • Create time-lapse videos, ultra-smooth slow-motion sequences and more
If you've just purchased this camera, or are thinking about buying it, this in-depth class will help everyone from amateurs to professionals love the new NIkon D3400 camera.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Photo Basics

  3. 03

    Basic Controls: Top Of Camera

  4. 04

    Basic Controls: Auto Modes-

  5. 05

    Basic Controls: Manual Modes

  6. 06

    Basic Controls: Back Of Camera

  7. 07

    Basic Controls: Flash Modes

  8. 08

    Basic Controls: Live View

  9. 09

    Basic Controls: Left And Right Of Camera

  10. 10

    Basic Controls: Bottom & Front of Camera

  11. 11

    Nikon D3400 Lens Options

  12. 12

    Menu Functions Overview

  13. 13

    Playback Menu

  14. 14

    Shooting Menu

  15. 15

    Setup Menu

  16. 16

    Setup Menu: Connect to Smart Device

  17. 17

    Camera Operation Overview


Meet Your Expert

John Greengo

John Greengo is an award-winning photographer specializing in outdoor and travel photography. Shooting for over 3 decades, John has developed an unrivaled understanding of the industry, tools, techniques and art of photography. When he's not traveling for a new shoot, ... read more

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  • pdf Nikon D3400 Recommended Settings
  • pdf Nikon D3400 Keynote A
  • pdf Nikon D3400 Keynote B

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Tuan Hoang

    April 2017

    John Greengo is a great instructor. He is indeed an expert. 1) Great voice ( clear tone) 2) Extremely friendly look ( must be a humble person) 3) Is indeed an expert ( know what he's talking about) 4) Have a passion teaching the secrets ( some instructors tend to hold back the information but not John) 5) And many more...

  • Andrea

    August 2017

    Great course to help an amateur get familiar with this camera. As a first time DSLR owner, and new to photography in general, there are settings and abilities of this camera that I find to be intimidating at times because they are over my head as a newbie. John explained settings and buttons in a way that cleared up some confusion left from reading the camera manual. I highly recommend this class to every owner of a D3400! John is a great instructor and I look forward to watching more videos of his.

  • Jan

    July 2019

    I just purchased my first DSLR which is a Nikon D3500. There are few changes from the 3400 and this class has helped me tremendously with the transition from point and shoot and phone cameras. I am planning two once in a lifetime trips coming up and along with John's other courses on here I hope to be ready to capture some great memories. Would highly recommend his classes as he is a great teacher. I have tried other courses online and this and his Beginning 3 hour course so far have been the most helpful. Look forward to diving into his Fundamentals class.

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