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Business of Commercial Food Photography

with Andrew Scrivani

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Class duration: 9h 5m

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About The Class

Stand out in a popular marketplace

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Being confident in your photography is only the start of growing your success as a food photographer. Knowing how to pitch yourself to clients, communicate with vendors, and set yourself apart from a populated market are just some of the business techniques that are essential in seeing you profit from your work. Andrew Scrivani joins CreativeLive to help you take your photography and business to a place where you can start making it a successful career. He’ll cover: 
  • How to get work in the Food Photography Industry 
  • How to promote and network yourself to grow your client list 
  • Techniques on communicating with your vendors and clients on set and off 
Make your photography work for you and make money while shooting what you love.  

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    How To Get Work As A Food Photographer

  3. 03

    Understanding Your Skill Level and Your Market

  4. 04

    How To Grow Your Business

  5. 05

    Opportunities In Commercial Food Photography

  6. 06

    How Do You Market Yourself

  7. 07

    The Importance of Attitude and Communication

  8. 08

    Understanding Insurance Responsibilities and Liability

  9. 09

    Understanding Taxes and Accounting

  10. 10

    The Importance of Representation and How To Get It

  11. 11

    File Management and Protection

  12. 12

    Understanding Stock Photography as a Business

  13. 13

    Contracts: The Law and Your Rights

  14. 14

    Negotiating with Clients: 10 Questions you Need to Ask–Part 1

  15. 15

    Negotiating with Clients: 10 Questions you Need to Ask–Part 2

  16. 16

    Negotiating and Talking Money with Clients

  17. 17

    Who are the Players in Commercial Food Photography

  18. 18

    How to Manage Client Expectations

  19. 19

    Real Life Client Interview: Art of the Pie Cookbook

  20. 20

    How to Assemble a Team

  21. 21

    The Production Team

  22. 22

    On Set Support

  23. 23

    Editors and Post Production

  24. 24

    Introduction to the Live Shoot

  25. 25

    Live Shoot: Plate #1

  26. 26

    Live Shoot: Plate #2

  27. 27

    Live Shoot: Plate #3

  28. 28

    Live Shoot: Plate #4

  29. 29

    What Expenses are Associated with a Shoot

  30. 30

    How to Calculate your Rate

  31. 31

    What is Usage?

  32. 32

    How to Anticipate Expenses

  33. 33

    Calculating Price based on Rates, Usage and Expenses

  34. 34

    Where do You Go Next?

  35. 35

    Continuing Education and Research

  36. 36

    How to Get your Work Out There and Get Noticed

  37. 37

    Treatments and Final Wrap-Up


Meet Your Expert

Andrew Scrivani

Andrew is a photographer, director and producer who has worked on editorial, publishing, advertising, content creation, documentary and feature film projects. He is also an internationally recognized workshop instructor and author and columnist on the subject of visuals.  ... read more

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96% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • SaberShots


    March 2017

    I highly recommend this course! Andrew is an engaging and thoroughly knowledgable teacher. This class is less about how to photograph food - although there are some terrific tips - and more about the "nuts and bolts" or rather, "bread and butter" of running a successful business. A lot of the information is relevant to business in general, but the specific tips about food photography are especially exciting to implement! I found the hands-on portion during the morning of day 2 especially helpful in assimilating the general or more abstract ideas covered in day 1, which laid a fantastic foundation. 5 stars!

  • Delaney Brown

    March 2017

    Andrew is not only a funny, incredibly entertaining person, he's a seriously great teacher. Being in the live studio audience for this class was such a treat. I was able to learn a lot of the nitty gritty lived-in details of what it takes to be a successful food photographer. Things that are hard to come by in books and online! I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to take their passion to the next step: making a living.

  • Amy Vaughn

    Amy Vaughn

    March 2017

    While I'm not quite ready to focus my business on food photography, this class gave me a much clearer idea of what options and challenges there are in the food photography industry. Andrew covered everything from what jobs might be like when starting out on a tight budget to what options open up as the photographer becomes more experienced and successful. I already did my own internet research about the food photography business before the class, but this was more comprehensive and easy to understand in a short amount of time. Now I feel more confident about setting my business goals, who to look for to collaborate with on projects and eventually the kinds of clients I'd like to work with. He also gave many tips that are immediately applicable in my current photography business that isn't yet focused on food.

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