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The Self-Sufficient Filmmaker

with Francesca Gregorini

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  •   01 Tanner Hall & Truth About Emmanual


Class duration: 4h 19m

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About The Class

a more efficient, productive, and artistic filmmaking process.

Independent filmmakers are often called on to not only write and direct, but to produce their projects. Wearing all three “hats” can be a daunting, yet inspiring proposition. In The Self-Sufficient Filmmaker with Francesca Gregorini, you’ll learn easily-applied strategies for balancing the demands of doing all three very unique jobs.

Francesca’s work has been officially selected by the Toronto Film Festival and premiered in the US Dramatic Competition at Sundance. In this class, she’ll discuss both the advantages and challenges of producing a film you’ve written and will direct. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to decide when its ‘right’ to produce your script and when to develop it further
  • Which "hat" to wear at what time from start to finish
  • Personalized paths for fundraising, production, and distribution

Francesca will explore the processes of writing, directing, and producing and how leading the charge can make these three unique perspectives more efficient, productive, and artistic.

The Self-Sufficient Filmmaker will help you develop best practices for all aspects of indie film production and inspire you to take control of your own destiny as a filmmaker. 

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Tanner Hall & Truth About Emmanual

  2. 02

    Screenwriting - Where to Find Your Inspiration

  3. 03

    How to Outline & Write Your Script

  4. 04

    Putting Together Your Creative Package

  5. 05

    How to Get Your Project Off the Ground

  6. 06

    Getting Your Foot in the Door

  7. 07

    What To Do When You're There

  8. 08

    Students Pitch Their Films

  9. 09

    Preproduction - Working with Your Cinematographer*

  10. 10

    Pre-production - 3 Scene Studies

  11. 11

    Preproduction - Working with Your Production Designer

  12. 12

    Preproduction - Other Department Heads

  13. 13

    Preproduction - Casting

  14. 14

    Working with Actors - Rehearsals & Blocking

  15. 15

    Beyond the Set - Festivals, Sales, & Premiers

  16. 16

    Working with Actors - Rehearsals & Blocking

  17. 17

    Beyond the Set - Festivals, Sales, & Premiers


Meet Your Expert

Francesca Gregorini

A Brown University graduate with a Theater Arts major, Francesca sold scripts to both HBO and Paramount before co-helming her directorial debut TANNER HALL with Tatiana Von Furstenberg. The film marked the screen debut of Rooney Mara in a lead role and was an official selection at the Toronto Film Festival. ... read more

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75% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Mia

    January 2019

    I think there were TONS of marvelous takeaways, here, in this course. The examples she presented about Scene Cards, the hardships, and the beauties-- all of it was very beneficial information for aspiring filmmakers. However, the verbal hesitance; "um", "you know", "uh", "you know what I mean", "or whatever"-- that started to get really distracting really quickly. But the course and the overall purpose of the lessons, that was great!

  • user-64e420

    July 2015

    The good - Lots of helpful info about pre-production, things to consider, and working with actors. The not-so-good - Not exactly self-sufficient. If you were to cut out all the " know..." clutter, the course would probably be about 30 minutes shorter.

  • jamie applegate

    jamie applegate

    April 2019

    There was some helpful information in this course, but I am personally much more of a straight to the point type of person and I found there was just a lot of non-stop talking and stories. I found her a bit exhausting to watch as she would just ramble on.

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