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Creating Painterly Photographs

with Kathleen Clemons

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   08 Shooting Through Natural Materials


Class duration: 5h 17m

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About The Class

Turn your photos into remarkable art.

Make yourself stand out among nature photographers by adding a new dimension to your images. Painterly techniques draw attention to the delicate patterns, lines, textures and designs that we often overlook in the natural world.

Kathleen Clemons is an experienced nature photographer, known for her creative techniques and her unique, stunning compositions. 

Join Kathleen for this class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to achieve the painterly look in camera with slow shutter, selective focus, Lensbaby, and multiple exposures.
  • How to evoke the painterly look in Photoshop with panning.
  • How to use Topaz Impression and NIK software to make painterly photos.
In this class, you’ll learn how to create painterly images by using a wide variety of techniques. Kathleen will show you how to apply effects using in-camera settings, different lenses, Adobe Photoshop®, and low-tech tricks like applying vaseline to filters. Capture the magic of nature and turn your photography into remarkable impressionistic art. 

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    What is the Painterly Look?

  3. 03

    Overview of Techniques to Create Painterly Photographs

  4. 04

    Selective Focus & Extension Tubes

  5. 05

    The Magic of Lensbaby

  6. 06

    Tips for Beginners Using Lensbaby

  7. 07

    Using the Lensbaby Velvet 56

  8. 08

    Shooting Through Natural Materials

  9. 09

    Shooting Through Non-Natural Materials

  10. 10

    Painterly Backgrounds

  11. 11

    In Camera Multiple & Double Exposure

  12. 12

    Exploring Creative Blur Through Subject Movement

  13. 13

    Exploring Creative Blur Through Intentional Camera Movement

  14. 14

    More Painterly Look Options

  15. 15

    How to Create Painterly iPhone Photos

  16. 16

    Vertical/Horizontal Panning in Photoshop

  17. 17

    Multiple & Double Exposure in Photoshop

  18. 18

    Dancing Flower Technique in Photoshop

  19. 19

    Creating Painterly Image Effects with Software

  20. 20

    Applying Textures in Photoshop

  21. 21

    Painterly Photographs Critique


Meet Your Expert

Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen Clemons is a photographer from the coast of Maine.  Primarily a nature photographer, Kathleen is known for her creative use of natural light and unique compositions.  ... read more

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98% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • user-7773bc

    June 2018

    Wow. I really loved this class. I took her other class, "The Art of Flower Photography" as well. She is very thorough, explains concepts clearly and is professional, yet kind. I have been doing photography for decades, but flower photography is a little bit of a different animal. I have found it to be extraordinarily challenging - which is also invigorating! At the same time, using Kathleen's principles, I feel like I now have basic rules and tools under my belt which I did not have before. This is a little humbling as I have been doing photography for so long and was surprised there were a few basic concepts I didn't "get the memo" on. haha. This class will save me heaps of trial and error time. I will be much better able to zero in on what I really need to work on. I actually recommend taking both her Creative Live courses. Yes, there is a bit of overlap - but that little bit of repetition is actually helpful. They are not the same class. Oh, and one more "perk" get to view some of the most stunning flower photography ever created. Masterful. Thank you, Kathleen.

  • Donna Macri Stevens

    Donna Macri Stevens

    July 2016

    As I've been watching this class, I have literally been sitting at my computer and saying aloud, "Wow....WOW!" This is an absolutely amazing class!!! I began watching it while it streamed, but had to buy it. Kathleen is an amazing instructor, and she is SO generous with her tips and techniques. I love that she supplemented her instruction with on-site videos, in class photo manipulation and so much more. If you love flower photography or want amazing tips on how to make your photos more painterly, CLICK BUY NOW! I'm just blown away! This is a GREAT, GREAT class!

  • TypicalCheryl


    July 2016

    Kathleen's images have a very artistic and painterly character, so she is a great presenter for this subject. In this class she openly shares many of her methods of shooting to create in-camera artistic images (even with your phone) as well as post-processing techniques. She presents this material with her open, calm, strong and passionate manner that gives you an "artistic license" to experiment and discover "What happens if?" I have admired her work for a long time and am so excited that she shares the secrets of creating her enchanting images here. If you are interested in capturing images that go beyond what you see to incorporate how you feel about a subject, you will love this class!

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