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Introduction to Black & White Film Photography

with Daniel Gregory

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Class duration: 5h 9m

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About The Class

Hands-on Photography from Capture to Print

The world of black & white photography is more than just “black and white.” With film photography you can control and create dynamic and detailed images that are timeless. Photographer, artist and educator Daniel Gregory will demonstrate how black and white photography can allow you to be more creative with your work. He’ll show the different types of film and how to meter for black & white as well as how you can get into the development process. This class will be your introduction into truly creating a photo from capture through print in the most hands on way.

You’ll learn:

  • Types of Film and how they impact the overall look
  • Zone System Basics
  • Metering for Black & White Film
  • Film Chemistry and development techniques
  • Safety and Storage for working with chemicals
  • Scanning your own negatives
  • How to push and pull film
  • Advanced exposure techniques and utilizing the zone system
  • Get hands on with your photography by learning to shoot with black and white film and learn techniques that you can bring into your digital workflow that ultimately will make you a stronger and more confident photographer.

    Topics Covered

    Lesson Plan

    1. 01

      What Is Film

    2. 02

      Types Of Film

    3. 03

      The Film Scale

    4. 04

      Film Speed

    5. 05

      Film Cameras

    6. 06

      Loading Film Into The Camera

    7. 07

      Zone System Basics

    8. 08

      Metering For Black & White

    9. 09

      Camera Basics: ISO

    10. 10

      Safety In The Dark Room

    11. 11

      Film Development Process And Supplies

    12. 12

      The Film Developing Process Step-By-Step

    13. 13

      Storage And Organization Of Images

    14. 14

      Scanning 101

    15. 15

      Scanning Your Own Negatives Demo/Guidelines

    16. 16

      Enhancing Your Scans With Photoshop

    17. 17

      Dodge And Burn In Photoshop

    18. 18

      Using Photoshop Luminosity Masks To Work The Zone System

    19. 19

      Printing Options

    20. 20

      Printing Papers

    21. 21

      How Film Develops

    22. 22

      Film Density By Zone

    23. 23

      Film Pushing And Pulling

    24. 24

      Film Filters

    25. 25

      Reciprocity Failure

    26. 26

      Advanced Film Exposure

    27. 27

      Making The Analog Print

    28. 28

      Black And White Resources

    29. 29

      Alternative Processes


    Meet Your Expert

    Daniel Gregory

    Daniel Gregory started his career working in the high tech industry. Wanting to have a more creative and passionate life, he left all those zeros and ones behind and ... read more

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    100% of students recommend this class.
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      October 2017

      I am really fond of Daniel Gregory as a teacher. He does a great job. To me, his enthousiasm, his passion for and his dedication to film photography are infectuous. It's great that CreativeLive makes place for film photography and for such a pro teaching it. It can never do so enough for me. Thanks. I am a fan.

    • Texas Beauty Photography

      June 2019

      Great class!! It's jam packed with usable information for anyone wanting to shoot, process, and print black and white images. There is so much detail presented in this class, I can practically guarantee you'll come back to it again and again. I successfully used this class to capture b/w photographs, process the negatives, capture them digitally, and finally, produce beautiful prints that I'm proud to show my friends and clients. This may well be one of the best classes on all of CreativeLive. Highly recommended!

    • user-661816

      September 2017

      This is an excellent course and Daniel is a great teacher! I'm coming back to shooting film and darkroom work after 20 years away. I have some wonderful film cameras sitting in my cabinet and I decided I wanted to use them--so I have decided to shoot BW with film, and shoot color with my digital cameras. I will develop the BW film myself and scan and print digitally. This class is perfect for me!

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