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Introduction to Large Format Photography

with Daniel Gregory

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  •   02 Large Format Camera Types


Class duration: 3h 4m

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About The Class

Immerse yourself into the world of view cameras

Explore a new (or rather historic) way of approaching your photography. When you learn to utilize a large format camera like a 4 x 5 you’re forced to slow down, observe and shoot sparingly. Artist and educator Daniel Gregory, will start with the basics like what exactly is a large format camera and why you should use one. He’ll demonstrate the art of using this workflow and give a guide that sets up up for success in the field.

You’ll learn:

  • How to setup and care for the camera
  • Camera movements
  • Metering and exposure techniques
  • How to pick the best shot when in the field
  • How to add studio light to a portrait
  • Color correction techniques using film and gels

Some of the most legendary photographs were shot using large format cameras. In this course, you’ll learn the art and technique that went into capturing those memorable photos so you can start to craft and create imagery on your own.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    What is a Large Format Camera?

  2. 02

    Large Format Camera Types

  3. 03

    Basic Camera Elements

  4. 04

    Large Format Lenses

  5. 05

    Mounting Lenses

  6. 06


  7. 07


  8. 08


  9. 09

    Film Loading

  10. 10

    Setting Up and Using The Camera

  11. 11

    Camera Movements

  12. 12

    Camera Movements : Focusing

  13. 13

    Metering and Exposure

  14. 14

    Packing Up

  15. 15

    Large Format Shoot: Outdoors

  16. 16

    Shooting Indoors: Set Up

  17. 17

    Large Format Shoot: Indoors


Meet Your Expert

Daniel Gregory

Daniel Gregory started his career working in the high tech industry. Wanting to have a more creative and passionate life, he left all those zeros and ones behind and ... read more

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33% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Donna


    August 2017

    Daniel is an excellent teacher. His approach of teaching common mistakes and then explaining the proper way to do something is very helpful. The entire film series is excellent. I can't say I have a favorite over any of the others classes in the series. Each class covers great information. I learned photography back when digital didn't exist. Even after shooting film for so many years, I still learned some great tidbits from these classes. I highly recommend this series for anyone considering learning film or getting back into film.

  • Creativelive Student

    April 2019

    Really disappointed on how chopped up and edited this course is. A lot of good info is always ‘we’ll talk about that in a minute’ and then it cuts to a completely different topic.

  • John Dettling

    December 2017

    If I didn't have some knowledge of large format photography I would have not known what he was talking about. As it was, he didn't present much new information. Also, if I didn't have any experience with large format cameras and watched this course first, I would never have tried it. He looks so awkward around the cameras and makes it looks so complicated that it would scare anyone off.

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