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Speedlight Photography Basics

with Mike Fulton

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  •   03 Buttons and Functions


Class duration: 10h 7m

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About The Class

the definitive speedlight experience.

Join Mike Fulton for a comprehensive course on speedlight photography — including how to use this versatile flash system to increase efficiency and expand your creative ability.

In this course, you’ll master all of the many buttons and features of speedlights. You’ll learn about each of your flash’s settings: manual, TTL, direct, bounce, off-camera, and more. You’ll explore the relationship between your camera and your flash, so you can move away from shooting in auto mode and toward capturing more nuanced, dynamic images. You’ll troubleshoot common flash issues and gain confidence manipulating the light from your speedlights to get exactly the look you want in your photographs. Mike will also cover the lighting choices that take an image from being just nice to look at to being highly marketable.

This speedlight photography course is the definitive experience for anyone ready to become an expert user of this powerful, adaptable lighting system.

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Know your Speedlight: Nikon

  2. 02

    Know your Speedlight: Canon

  3. 03

    Buttons and Functions

    Mike reviews the features on the outside of your camera flash and explains what to look for in your next one.

  4. 04

    Using the Flash in Auto Modes

  5. 05

    Shoot: Slow Speed Sync

  6. 06

    On Camera TTL and High Speed Sync

  7. 07

    Manual Metering and Bounce Flash

  8. 08

    Lighting Patterns

  9. 09

    Going Wireless: Communication and Manual Ratios

  10. 10

    Going Wireless: Zoom and Triggers

  11. 11

    Speedlight Diffusers and Modifiers

  12. 12

    Speedlight Diffusers and Modifiers Continued

  13. 13

    Shoot: Snoots and Gels

  14. 14

    Various Lighting Pattern Demos

  15. 15

    Shoot: Full Light and Three Light

  16. 16

    Shoot: Short and Broad Light

  17. 17

    Shoot: Outdoor 2 Light Setups

  18. 18

    Shoot: Outdoor - What Not to Do

  19. 19

    Shoot: Outdoor- Manual and TTL

  20. 20

    Shoot: First Dance 2 Flashs

  21. 21

    Shoot: First Dance 2 Flashs Continued


Meet Your Expert

Mike Fulton

Mike Fulton was born and raised just outside of Houston Texas on the Texas Gulf Coast. Learning his love for photography by finding his father's camera as a young teenager he self taught himself and enjoyed photography as a hobby ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf TriCoasts Wireless Flash Challenges
  • pdf Speedlight Basics 1
  • pdf Speedlight Basics 2
  • pdf Fill-in Canon Speedlight Diagram
  • pdf Fill-In Nikon Speedlight Diagram
  • pdf Syllabus and Resources

77% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • cmc

    March 2018

    Someone should tell this nice guy, Mike that he should restrain his comments and do his homework and structure the course and sticks to it. Of 100s of pictures he took not even one was inspiring or great shot. Yes, he did say that "I am not going to make good image", why not I ask? I do believe he is not only a nice individual but knows the tech side, not sure if he can make artistic images.

  • Creativelive Student

    September 2014

    I am in the midst of watching this class through the videos I purchased and am very impressed by how in depth the information is. VERY happy with this purchase. I like Mike’s ability to make concepts easy to understand and also that he shows you by example what he means. As a direct result of watching this class, while visiting family yesterday I found myself looking at my grandson’s face as light was shining on him through a window and thinking to myself, “Oh, that is short lighting and when he turns his face it becomes broad lighting.” Thanks, Mike. Can’t wait to see what other gems of understanding I have in store for me in the rest of the class videos.

  • user-457531

    June 2017

    Excellent course, especially when I learnt something within the first 5 mins of watching it. I have found Creative Live courses to be very thorough in detail and equally practical in application. 10 out of 10 Creative Live support has also been 💯 % helpful Thanks guys..

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