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Boudoir on the Edge

with Brianna and Ewan Phelan

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  •   01 Introduction to Boudoir on the Edge

  •   07 Boudoir Posing with Opal Peachy


Class duration: 2h 34m

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About The Class

the art of boudoir photography.

Join Ewan and Brianna Phelan for Boudoir on the Edge and learn about their unique approach to shooting boudoir photography.

Brianna and Ewan see creativity as a planned process rather than the result of spur of the moment inspiration. In this class, they’ll discuss how they apply this philosophy to their work and how it shapes the way Ewan shoots. The pair will also discuss how they’ve integrated their wedding business and boudoir shoots, while protecting the artistic integrity of their work. Ewan will examine a selection of images and explain how he came to that pose and what each element in the image does to promote what that photo is trying to say.

You will walk away from Boudoir on the Edge with a new appreciation for the art of boudoir and skills for integrating an artistic sensibility into your business.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Introduction to Boudoir on the Edge

  2. 02

    Breakdown of Ewan Phelan's Boudoir Shots

  3. 03

    Why you should bring boudoir into your business

  4. 04

    Figure out your why

  5. 05

    Building Supporters of Boudoir Photography

  6. 06

    Boudoir Posing with Lady Tatas

  7. 07

    Boudoir Posing with Opal Peachy

    Ewan demonstrates how he directs his clients during a boudoir photography shoot.

  8. 08

    Marketing Your Boudoir Business

  9. 09

    Boudoir Photography Q&A

  10. 10

    Outro of Boudoir on the Edge


Meet Your Expert

Brianna and Ewan Phelan

Brianna and Ewan Phelan are the duo behind Last Forty Percent. Brianna as the boss lady business managing expert and Ewan as the primary photographer. Their company is internationally published, with Ewan's work recently found in Buzzfeed, the front page of Huffington Post (as well as in multiple languages), Cosmopolitan, and countless news sources around the world. They are traveling educators of boudoir, commissioned to shoot and educate in Paris, Australia, Iceland, Scotland, New Zealand, Spain, and throughout North America. Brianna and Ewan have been named by Rangefinder Magazine as one of the Top Ten Educators to Watch. As a husband and wife team, they bring a unique perspective to the genre of Boudoir, always pushing it to its limits, while spreading their message behind why they do what they do. ... read more

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79% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Hassan Hussein

    Hassan Hussein

    December 2016

    This is an amazing class. The best I have seen so far on the art and business of boudoir photography. Brianna and Ewan covered very difficult subjects in this class in a very effective, professional, informative, and entertaining way. I loved how they addressed the human sexuality in the most beautiful way in relation to art of boudoir photography. It was fascinating to see how Ewan was able to get the models to pose into very sexy and beautiful poses by providing clear instructions in a very respectful manner. Brianna was very informative on how to run a successful boudoir business. I sincerely believe that both Ewan and Brianna shared many of the secrets of the trade that they learned over many years which made their boudoir business a success story.

  • Rick Steverson

    Rick Steverson

    October 2015

    This couple is awesome. I really enjoyed the intro into Ewan's posing techniques. To be honest I would have loved more. Please CL have them come back and continue this workshop. I appreciated the very clear directions to the models without being crass. I'm sure it comes with time, but his methodical tone and direction helped to (IMO) communicate his expertise and improves model/client confidence. Ewan and Brianna helped us to define not only our why, but the how. Very worthwhile to my wife and I for our boudoir photography. Much love Brianna and Ewan, and uh...sorry (lol).

  • Creativelive Student

    September 2017

    I bought this as an online course, and I was very pleased with it and felt like it was worth the investment. From reading other reviews, you can see that other students have their own opinions based upon their own expectations and interests, and my review is the same. I was more interested in the art of the photography and the posing of the models, and I was very pleased with that part and would have liked to have seen a little more of that and less of the business side. However, I thought the information on the business, marketing, contracts, legal etc. to be very informative and helpful if I wanted to do this commercially. I would recommend that they shorten the first lesson by editing some of their own personal journey and opinions, the latter appearing unnecessarily defensive. I thought one reviewer was unfairly critical of Ewan's "control". I appreciated his directness and instructions, and I think this reviewer may have reflected some of her own issues about either males or control issues. Overall, it was highly informative, and I highly recommend the course. Just go in knowing you're going to be exposed to the business side, as well as the creative side.

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