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Hack Your Light

with Chuck Arlund

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  •   01 9:00 am - Lighting Basics & High Light Portraits


Class duration: 4h 45m

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About The Class

Hack Your Light is part of our special week-long event Lighting Toolkit.

Join award-winning photographer Chuck Arlund for an introduction to innovative lighting methods that result in breathtaking, dynamic images.

Chuck’s methods will enrich the work of a wide variety of photographers, whether you’re a natural light photographer trying to incorporate off camera lighting into your work, a studio photographer wanting to work on location, or a beginner looking to take your work to the next level.

As Chuck guides you through ways to make a photograph you’ve mentally envisioned into a reality, he’ll give you the confidence you need to fearlessly approach approach lighting not as an exact science, but as an art.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    9:00 am - Lighting Basics & High Light Portraits

  2. 02

    White into Black

  3. 03

    Simple Portrait

  4. 04

    Making a Window

  5. 05

    What Makes a Fashion Portrait?

  6. 06

    Fashion Portrait Part 1

  7. 07

    Fashion Portrait Part 2

  8. 08

    DIY Lighting Modifiers

  9. 09

    Shoot: Band Part 1

  10. 10

    Shoot: Band Part 2

  11. 11

    Thanks + Credits

  12. 12

    Reverse Engineering Part 1

  13. 13

    Reverse Engineering Part 2

  14. 14

    Hipstamatic Shoot


Meet Your Expert

Chuck Arlund

Chuck Arlund is a photographer

Chuck Arlund is a rock guitar player
Chuck Arlund loves his family
Chuck Arlund loves Enchiladas and Margaritas
Chuck Arlund is intrigued by fashion
Chuck Arlund wants to show images in galleries
Chuck Arlund loves MAC - both make-up and computers
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66% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • SunSoBright


    April 2017

    I just watched the rebroadcast of Hack Your Light with Chuck Arlund and at first wondered if I would get anything out of the class as he seemed ADD (he warns you he's scattered and a "blond"...LOL) but I stuck with class and by the end was sad it was over. I have a few years experience in photography so I could perhaps understand what he was teaching better than a true beginner. He gave some fabulous points and even demonstrated how you could overpower the sun with one speedlight something I've only seen others do with a strobe or multiple speedlights. He took some awesome pictures without thousands of dollars in camera and lighting equipment. He explained the difference between the portrait and the fashion look. He showed you could potentially go above your camera sync and still get a decently exposed pictured without high speed sync. Best of all he reminded me of the principles that it's the photographer not the camera/equipment that makes the difference, it's all about the light and most of all photography should be FUN! This was one of the most awesome demonstrations of lighting. I would love take a workshop from Mr. Arlund as he is obviously very talented and passionate about photography and knows his subject even is his explanations aren't practiced. Some found him frustrating; I found him refreshing. If you like experimental you will probably appreciate Chuck Arlund.

  • DeniseWinters


    April 2017

    I have been a pro photographer for 30 years, and I loved watching Chuck and even learned quite a few things. He is creative and enthusiastic, and reminds you to think outside the box and get back to the enthusiasm you had when you first picked up your camera. He certainly knows what he is doing, and he has fun doing it...

  • Rock Williams

    Rock Williams

    January 2017

    Just watched the free preview class and he seems like a genuinely sweet guy and knowledgable, but not geared for teaching...didn't take long to see that. Hard to pay attention when you're wondering if the instructor is stoned. But he's the only instructor I haven't liked on Creative Live.

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