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Introduction to Using Multiple Flashes

with Mike Hagen

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Class duration: 5h 11m

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About The Class

Take control and create the best lighting for your photography

If you want complete control over the image you’re taking, you need to use multiple flashes. Mike Hagen will take what appears complex and explain how to make it achievable to help get your studio lighting to an elite level.

Mike Hagen will walk through how to build your lighting setup with two, three, four and even five flashes. If you're figuring out what lighting gear to purchase, this course will help by showing you:

  • Camera settings and sync modes to capture the best exposure
  • How to use the various trigger methods
  • The different roles each light plays in creating your image
  • How to shape the light for the most control over your final image
  • How to build your knowledge comfortably from 1-5 lighting setups

Whether you’re shooting portraits, buildings, or products - controlling all the light in your image can improve your photography from good to GREAT. Mike Hagen will teach you how to light and create every shadow and highlight by using multiple flashes in your photography.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Flash & Exposure Review

  3. 03

    Demo: Flashes Overview

  4. 04

    Demo: Manual Flash

  5. 05

    Triggering Methods Overview

  6. 06

    Demo: Mixing Brands of Triggers

  7. 07

    Demo: Defining Lights Overview

  8. 08

    What Modifier to Use with Multiple Flashes?

  9. 09

    Demo: Umbrellas

  10. 10

    Demo: Soft Boxes

  11. 11

    Demo: Octas

  12. 12

    Demo: Reflectors

  13. 13

    Demo: Beauty Dish

  14. 14

    Snoots & Grids Overview

  15. 15

    Demo: How to Setup Multiple Lights in the Studio

  16. 16

    Demo: Key & Hair/Rim Light Setup

  17. 17

    Demo: Key & Background Light Setup

  18. 18

    Demo: Clamshell Two Light Setup

  19. 19

    Demo: Key, Fill & Background Light Setup

  20. 20

    Demo: Side Lights & Background Light Setup

  21. 21

    Demo: Clamshell & Rim Light Setup

  22. 22

    Demo: Rembrandt, Fill & Hair Light Setup

  23. 23

    Demo: Rembrandt, Fill, Hair & Background Lights

  24. 24

    Demo: Clamshell, Rim, One Background Light

  25. 25

    Demo: How to Produce a Pure White Background

  26. 26

    Demo: Full-Length Portraits with Multiple Lights

  27. 27

    Demo: Still Life Example with Multiple Lights


Meet Your Expert

Mike Hagen

Mike Hagen is a professional photographer, author, and workshop leader. He's taught hundreds of workshops and thousands of students over the years on just about all photo topics including camera gear, studio lighting, Photoshop®, Lightroom®, landscape, travel, and digital workflow. ... read more

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  • pdf Multiple Flash Lighting Diagrams
  • pdf Keynote Presentation

92% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Marty Walker

    Marty Walker

    March 2018

    This is really a fantastic class and at an even fantastic-er price. Well worth the money, and is a great help. The instructor does a very good job explaining the methods, light shapers, and effects they create. One of my favorite videos!

  • Jeph DeLorme

    Jeph DeLorme

    September 2017

    Mike Hagen does a great job of presenting what could be a complicated process in a way that makes it easy to understand and implement. Not only does he make it easy to follow along, he presents alternative solutions that don't break the budget. I have viewed several instructors and various classes at Creative Live and this would definitely be one of my favorites. I have to say, this class would be a bargain at 10x the price!

  • Tim Stapenhurst

    Tim Stapenhurst

    September 2017

    What can I say about this class? Mike is great- not only does he give a thorough break down of all the equipment one could need but he also includes wide variety of price options for those just getting started. Aside from his thorough knowledge of gear, Mike provides an excellent and easy to follow bread down of how to build up the light for your subject. His lesson plan is super easy to follow and very concise as he slowly builds up from using 2 lights to 5 lights. He also demonstrate what I think is a much needed trait in a photographer and that is being cool under pressure, dealing with issues and not getting rattled and simply going back to the basics. Creative Live Nailed it with this class

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