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Light Shaping Tools for Professional Photographers

with Tony Corbell

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Class duration: 9h 20m

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About The Class

tools and techniques for shaping light for any shoot

Light is the photographer’s most powerful medium. Professional photographers know how to shape it and reflect it, divert it and redirect it. They can tame its harshness and coax it into a subtle glow, use it to dispel troublesome shadows or highlight a striking moment. 

Effectively curating light during a shoot can bridge the gap between mediocre images and truly captivating photography. All it takes to bend light to your will is knowledge of the right gear, and when to use it. Tony Corbell is a professional photographer and a master of studio lighting. Join Tony for this course, and you will learn:

  • How to use light shaping tools and their specific uses
  • How to creatively use reflectors of all kinds
  • How to use soft boxes, umbrellas, ring flashes, and other unique tools in the studio
Tony will draw on his decades of experience to teach you a full technical understanding of the gear you need to shape light to your purpose. 

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Categories of Light Shaping Tools

  3. 03

    When to Use Different Light

  4. 04

    Softbox and Octabox Overview

  5. 05

    Beauty Dish, Reflectors & Collapsible Reflectors Overview

  6. 06

    Pros & Cons of Small Light Sources

  7. 07

    Shoot using One Reflector

  8. 08

    Shooting with Two Standard Reflectors

  9. 09

    Shoot Using Grids with Reflectors

  10. 10

    How to Use Beauty Dishes

  11. 11

    Pros & Cons of Softboxes

  12. 12

    Common Uses of Softboxes

  13. 13

    Subtle Elements of Controlling Softboxes

  14. 14

    Different Techniques with Softboxes

  15. 15

    Pros & Cons of Umbrellas

  16. 16

    How to Control an Umbrella

  17. 17

    Uses of Umbrellas

  18. 18

    Different Techniques with Umbrellas

  19. 19

    Group Shot with Umbrellas

  20. 20

    Differences Between Collapsible Reflectors

  21. 21

    Shooting with Black & White Collapsible Reflectors

  22. 22

    Shooting with Silver & Gold Collapsible Reflectors

  23. 23

    When to Use the White Translucent Collapsible Reflector

  24. 24

    How to Use the Large Octa Softbox

  25. 25

    Shooting with a Large White Deep XL Umbrella

  26. 26

    Shooting with a Large Silver Deep L Umbrella

  27. 27

    Shooting with a 4x6 Softbox

  28. 28

    When to Use Specialty Light Shaping

  29. 29

    Shooting with a Hard Box

  30. 30

    Shoot to Incorporate a Fresnel Light

  31. 31

    Shoot Using Ring Flash

  32. 32

    Studio Lighting Photo Critique of Student Work


Meet Your Expert

Tony Corbell

Tony has been a photographer, an educator, and an author. His photographic works have been featured in publications throughout the world. While he has worked for some of the most discerning clients in the world, he is most proud of being acknowledged and included in more than twenty-five photographic books by other photographers. Tony has photographed three U.S. presidents, The Millennium Summit Meeting of World Leaders at the United Nations, sports celebrities, almost 800 brides and grooms, and a handful of NASA astronauts. ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf Corrective Lighting Techniques for Portraiture
  • pdf Light Meter Display & F-Stop Setting for Exposure
  • pdf Scene, Subject, & Light Contrast Article
  • pdf Judging Image Effectiveness Criteria
  • pdf Gear List

100% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Stefan Legacy

    Stefan Legacy

    June 2018

    Bought this class on sale for 19$ and it was a great buy considering it was my first class I purchased on CL. Tony is an excellent teacher and demonstrates extensive knowledge on lighting and different uses of modifiers. Overall this is an excellent course for any one who is interested in learning studio lighting, this will give you a great detail of information.

  • Creativelive Student

    Creativelive Student

    May 2016

    This is my first time watching Tony Corbell teach and work he was great! I am a natural light photographer and this class made me think about picking up some lights and umbrellas! You can tell he absolutely loves what he does. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  • Creativelive Student

    Creativelive Student

    June 2016

    Important information if you want to be a photographer. Great teacher, good pace!!

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