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SkillSet: Best of Lighting

with Zack Arias , Mark Wallace , Sue Bryce , Joel Grimes , Joey L , Scott Robert Lim , Tony Corbell , Clay Blackmore , Mike Fulton and Felix Kunze

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  •   10 Mark Wallace: Intro To Flash Photography


Class duration: 20h 37m

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About The Class

highlights from some of our best moments in lighting education.

This comprehensive collection of CreativeLive’s most informative and hands-on lighting segments will prepare you to walk into any lighting situation and take a great photograph. 

 In SkillSet: Best of Lighting, you’ll watch clips from classes taught by leading photographers as they tackle a whole range of lighting challenges. Featuring some of our best moments, you’ll learn about: shaping natural light, working with unpredictable wedding lighting, managing speedlights and getting the most of out of your studio lights. You’ll also get a run down on lighting theory and fundamentals. And you’ll hear it from industry influencers: Sue Bryce, Scott Robert Lim, Mike Fulton, Tony Corbell, Clay Blackmore, Mark Wallace, Zack Arias, Joey L, Felix Kunze, and Joel Grimes. 

 If you just started dabbling in photography and want to kick-start your lighting education, or if you're a seasoned photographer wanting to add new tips, tricks, or tools to your toolbox, you'll find just the thing you need in our lighting compilation.  

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Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Sue & Felix: Shoot: Natural Light Portraits - Maisie

  2. 02

    Sue & Felix: Shoot: Natural Light Portraits - Katie

  3. 03

    Sue & Felix: Shoot: Natural Light Portraits - LaQuan

  4. 04

    Sue & Felix: Shoot: Studio Light Portraits - Maisie

  5. 05

    Tony Corbell: The Power of Light Part 1

  6. 06

    Tony Corbell: The Power of Light Part 2

  7. 07

    Tony Corbell: The Power of Light Part 3

  8. 08

    Scott Robert Lim: Live Shoot - Natural Light

  9. 09

    Mark Wallace: Position of Light

  10. 10

    Mark Wallace: Intro To Flash Photography

  11. 11

    Mike Fulton: Using the Flash in Auto Modes

  12. 12

    Mike Fulton: Slow Speed Sync

  13. 13

    Mike Fulton: On Camera TTL and High Speed Sync

  14. 14

    Roberto Valenzuela: Multiple Speedlights

  15. 15

    Roberto Valenzuela: Multiple Speedlights with Multiple Subjects

  16. 16

    Scott Robert Lim: Creating Drama

  17. 17

    Tony Corbell: Light Control and Shaping

  18. 18

    Tony Corbell: Beauty Dishes, Softboxes, Reflectors

  19. 19

    Tony Corbell: Live Demos with Lighting Tools

  20. 20

    Tony Corbell: Tools of Light Q & A

  21. 21

    Clay Blackmore: Basic Posing

  22. 22

    Clay Blackmore: Refining and Lighting the Pose

  23. 23

    Clay Blackmore: Posing Two People

  24. 24

    Mark Wallace: Studio Strobes on Locations Part 1

  25. 25

    Mark Wallace: Studio Strobes on Locations Part 2

  26. 26

    Zack Arias: Gear, Money, and Building Your Studio

  27. 27

    Joey L: Using One Light on Location

  28. 28

    Joey L: Using Two Lights on Location

  29. 29

    Zack Arias: Modifiers: Octabank, Softbox, Strip Bank, Umbrella

  30. 30

    Zack Arias: Modifiers: Reflector, Grids, White Beauty Dish, Etc

  31. 31

    Sue and Felix: Shoot Studio Light - Backlight

  32. 32

    Sue and Felix: Studio Backlight and Lens Flare

  33. 33

    Joel Grimes: Photographing Motion

  34. 34

    Joel Grimes: Shoot: Athlete in Motion


Meet Your Experts

Zack Arias

My name, if it isn’t obvious already, is Zack Arias and I am an editorial music photographer based in Atlanta, GA. While I’ve been working in the music industry for the past seven years I’m now branching into more editorial ... read more

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Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace is a photographer based in the United States. Best known for his web-based video series Digital Photography One on One and Exploring Photography sponsored by Adorama. Millions of people have watched Mark’s videos on YouTube, and the numbers continue to grow. Mark has a strong social media following on Facebook and Twitter, where he spends time interacting with viewers and workshop attendees. ... read more

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Sue Bryce

Multi-talented Sue Bryce is a Master Photographer, Artist, Illustrator, and anthropologist. Her style of contemporary fashion-inspired portraiture gives her clients the experience of looking like the women in magazines and feeling beautiful. Sessions are designed to pamper and celebrate everything ... read more

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Joel Grimes

In 1984 Joel Grimes graduated from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Photography and soon established a commercial studio working out of Denver Colorado.For over 27 years Joel has worked for many of the top advertising agencies and ... read more

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Joey L

Joey L. is a Canadian-born photographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. Since the age of 18, Joey's work has been consistently sought out by a number of prominent advertising clients, including Lavazza for their 2016 calendar, National Geographic Channel, U.S. Army, Canon, Jose Cuervo, Summit Entertainment, History Channel, The Government of Abu Dhabi, and many others. He has photographed a number of recognizable faces including Robert De Niro, Danny DeVito, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, John Legend, Dylan McDermott, Karlie Kloss, Author John Green, and two-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas to name a few. His work is regularly seen in magazines, subway advertisements, and billboards. ... read more

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Scott Robert Lim

Internationally acclaimed, master photographer, Scott Robert Lim (Photog Cr. AOPA) was awarded the prestigious 2009 WPPI Kodak Award and was inducted into WPPI’s Society of Excellence and has earned an Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement by one of the world’s ... read more

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Tony Corbell

Tony has been a photographer, an educator, and an author. His photographic works have been featured in publications throughout the world. While he has worked for some of the most discerning clients in the world, he is most proud of being acknowledged and included in more than twenty-five photographic books by other photographers. Tony has photographed three U.S. presidents, The Millennium Summit Meeting of World Leaders at the United Nations, sports celebrities, almost 800 brides and grooms, and a handful of NASA astronauts. ... read more

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Clay Blackmore

Clay Blackmore is one of the most influential and sought-after photographers in the world, with a clientele that includes celebrities the likes of Larry King, Forest Whitaker, Jenna Elfman, and Maria Sharapova. His photographs are routinely featured in Washington Life ... read more

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Mike Fulton

Mike Fulton was born and raised just outside of Houston Texas on the Texas Gulf Coast. Learning his love for photography by finding his father's camera as a young teenager he self taught himself and enjoyed photography as a hobby ... read more

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Felix Kunze

Felix Kunze is an editorial and commercial portrait photographer. Felix was born in Berlin, grew up in the UK and now lives in New York City. His goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. He ... read more

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60% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Vincent Duke

    Vincent Duke

    November 2017

    I am pretty new to Creative Live and this is my first purchase so for me I am loving this! So many good gems of information and having some of the repeated content from different speakers with different perspectives really helps drill in these concepts. I say for anyone who's looking for an great all around drill it into your head lighting bootcamp this is a winner. But if you're like the others here and have purchased videos from these authors before then you will probably want to look elsewhere as this is a bundle of highlights from previous sessions on lighting.

  • Camerosity

    July 2018

    If you’re just starting out with photographic lighting (especially studio lighting), this set is a steal. I already had the set by Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze, and I’ve bought all of Joel Grimes’ tutorials. Since I’ve watched them recently, I didn’t watch their videos again. If you’re into commercial photography OR darker moods and low-key lighting, anything by Joel Grimes is well worth buying and watching. If you’re into glamour portraiture, everything by Sue Bryce is worth buying and watching (although I haven’t been able to acquire all of her tutorials yet). However, the videos by Sue and Felix are not where I would begin. The two videos by Joel Grimes in this set cover aspects of lighting that aren’t often discussed. However, most of his knowledge of lighting (from his other sets) isn’t covered in this set. If you’re thinking about going into commercial photography, Zack Arias’ discussion of how to gear up to open a commercial studio is a must-see (as are Joel Grimes’ two sets on commercial photography, neither of which is represented in this bundle). I agree with virtually everything Zack said. Although there are a couple of areas where I might have gone a bit deeper than he did in this video, it’s a much-needed reality check – with great advice before you start spending money on equipment to start a photography business – and he gives a LOT of great advice. While his lighting style and mine are very different, his thoughts on equipment for a startup photography studio (or just beginning to learn studio lighting) are right on target. (Zack’s and Joel’s videos on the business of commercial photography cover different areas, and there is very little overlap between them.) One of the reasons why I bought this set was the lighting wisdom of Tony Corbell. Tony is the closest thing to the late Dean Collins at this time (I have all of Dean’s videos on VHS tapes AND DVDs), and Tony holds nothing back. Great stuff! Joey L covers material that I’ve seen covered in many other tutorials (on CreativeLive and elsewhere), BUT he gives a MUCH clearer explanation of why he does certain things than I’ve seen elsewhere. For example, he gives more information about feathering light than I’ve ever seen in a video, and few people besides Joey and Joel Grimes (but not in Joel’s videos in this set) give as good an explanation of WHY they’re changing the position of a light by two inches. Clay Blackmore was a protégé of the late Monte Zucker, and he’s as close as we can get to learning from Monte (aka the master) these days. I have Monte’s VHS tapes, but they’re worn out, and there’s nothing to play them on. While they apparently were also issued as DVDs, the sites I’ve found that are supposed to have them all lead to 404 (page not found) errors. Clay covers both posing and lighting – and how to fit the lighting to the pose – in great detail. I haven’t watched any of the videos on speedlights. I still have about a dozen Vivitar 283’s, 285 HV’s and 4600’s that I used in combination during my photojournalism years (back in the film days), but you’re much more likely to see me lugging 1,000-watt second strobes outdoors to overpower the sun than using speedlights in studio (or on location) these days. I’ve seen some of Roberto Valenzuela’s work and tutorials, and I’d say he is the Joe McNally or David Hobby of wedding photography at this point in time. He knows his stuff. One or two of the videos are slightly dated in terms of the equipment being used, but that doesn’t make the information about lighting less valuable. Equipment may change, but the principles of lighting, the things that determine the quality of light, and the elements of “good lighting” have changed very little if at all since the days of the Dutch Old Masters painters. There’s a lot of great lighting information in this bundle for the price.

  • Penny Foster

    Penny Foster

    April 2015

    I would have bought this, but I have read the reviews and I think that has saved me money, because I too have many of the classes taught here from previously purchased courses on Creative Live. It has only benefited me so far as to introduce a few of the other talented teachers, like Tony Corbell, that I would not have considered in the past. I think it is a good point raised by another reviewer, that this course should really be free, as there's so much content regurgitated from other courses. Regards, Penny

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