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Adobe Lightroom Classic CC for Beginners

with Jared Platt

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  •   Trailer

  •   01 Introduction to the Catalog Style System

  •   04 Importing A to Z

  •   18 Dodging and Burning with Landscape Images


Class duration: 9h 56m

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About The Class

Learn to Use Lightroom Classic CC like a Photographer

Get your photos out of your camera and into the world by using Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC. Organize, enhance and publish your photos all in one place by creating a workflow that fits your lifestyle. Veteran instructor Jared Platt will get you started in this amazing program. 
 You’ll learn how to: 
  • Import and organize your images
  • Develop and retouch your images 
  • Create a workflow that works for you 
  • Publish your images and create prints or books
Adobe Lightroom was designed to make your post-production process efficient and help you achieve consistently professional results. This class will be your quick start in to this program.

Never opened this program before and want to make sure you have the basics covered first?  Check out Adobe Lightroom® Classic CC Crash Course for a quick primer and learn Lightroom Classic CC in 60 minutes.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2015

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Introduction to the Catalog Style System

  2. 02

    File Location and Methods

  3. 03

    Main Structure of Adobe Lightroom CC 2017

  4. 04

    Importing A to Z

  5. 05

    Image Selection Made Quick and Easy

  6. 06

    Methods of Image Organization

  7. 07

    Preferences in Adobe Lightroom CC

  8. 08

    Library, Develop and Map Modules

  9. 09

    Book and Slideshow Modules

  10. 10

    Print and Web Modules

  11. 11

    Developing Techniques

  12. 12

    Synchronizing Adjustments

  13. 13

    Additional Editing Tricks

  14. 14

    Fast Editing Presets

  15. 15

    Quick Develop Tool

  16. 16

    Using Local Adjustments

  17. 17

    Retouching Tools for Landscapes

  18. 18

    Dodging and Burning with Landscape Images

  19. 19

    Additional Landscaping Tools

  20. 20

    Retouching Tools for Portraits

  21. 21

    Create an HDR and Panorama

  22. 22

    Manipulating Image Structures

  23. 23

    Module Presets and Hidden Presets

  24. 24

    How to Create a Portfolio

  25. 25

    Connecting Your Portfolio With Lightroom Mobile

  26. 26

    Using Adobe Stock

  27. 27

    Publishing Images to Social Media

  28. 28

    Creating a Layout for Books

  29. 29

    Exporting a Book and Beyond


Meet Your Expert

Jared Platt

Jared Platt is an international wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer and photographic lecturer.  Jared began his studies in photography in documentary and landscapes, but today you will find his images are a perfect blend of the three genres. ... read more

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  • HD Bonus Video: Creating Websites In Adobe Spark

75% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Melissa Maxwell

    July 2018

    Worth every penny. I am completely new to Lightroom and it really is like learning a new language. Jared Platt did a great job explaining the most efficient ways to utilize Lightroom. There's a lot of technical jargon that can often make creatives lose interest, but it's important and useful information. I've watched several segments again and again. He's added years to my life and I am grateful. He's not my favorite instructor on this site, though, and I made good use of the 2x button on the screen.

  • Kat Jones

    Kat Jones

    January 2017

    Well, I've been a Photoshop girl since the beginning and have dabbled with LR and thought I knew quite a bit about it!! It turns out I've just been playing with bits of it! This is an amazing course. I will need to buy it for all the tricky bits that I just haven't quite grasped. Jared is amazing. Clear, concise, methodical, smashing. Thank you, Creative Live. What a service! Cat Jones Wormit Fife Scotland PS - Delightful to see Jared's Scottish piccies - very familiar, although not with the model!!!

  • Elaine


    January 2017

    What an excellent class. I'm a semi-beginner, already know the basics, but wow ... this class adds an extra layer of super AHA moments that shave years off your life! What a great teacher, thank you so much Jared!

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