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Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers

with Kelly Brown

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  •   10 What Not to Do with a Newborn


Class duration: 9h 30m

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About The Class

Make safety a priority and put your clients at ease.

Parents hire newborn photographers to document every detail of their babies at that brief instant at the start of their lives when they are tiny, bright and new to the world. Newborn photographers can feel a lot of pressure to fulfill parents’ wishes. In the rush to capture the perfect shot, it’s easy to forget that the subject of these photos are incredibly fragile little beings. Safety should always come first.

Join Kelly Brown for tips on handling newborns safely, reading their moods and needs, and prepping your studio for a newborn shoot. 

You’ll learn:

  • Safe posing techniques
  • How to operate a safe environment in your studio and on external shoots
  • How to understand newborn behavior
You’ll discover how to sanitize your studio, choose cleaning products and plants with the newborn’s health in mind, and make sure that your furniture and equipment meets newborn safety standards. Kelly will also focus on safely posing and handling a newborn during the shoot. She will teach you how to execute poses like the Potato Sack, the Froggy pose, and other advanced techniques used to create composite images. You will learn about newborn anatomy and the environment they come from to help you better understand what they are capable of doing in a shoot setting: how to avoid imbalance, overheating, and injury.

Finally feel capable of communicating about newborn safety. If parents feel that they can trust you around their child, they will be put at ease and remember the experience of the shoot more fondly.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    What are Clients Looking for in a Photographer?

  3. 03

    How Your Health Affects Your Newborn Session

  4. 04

    Q&A with Registered Physiotherapist Stephanie Robin

  5. 05

    Legal Case Examples

  6. 06

    Safely Shooting Outside Your Own Studio

  7. 07

    Photographing Siblings & Newborns Safely

  8. 08

    Newborn with Sibling Session

  9. 09

    Two Young Sibling and Newborn Session

  10. 10

    What Not to Do with a Newborn

  11. 11

    Working with Different Newborn Behaviors and Medical Conditions

  12. 12

    Safe Posing Using Props

  13. 13

    How to Safely Set-Up Your Studio and Business

  14. 14

    Policies and Procedures on How to Operate Your Studio Safely

  15. 15

    Safest Equipment and Products

  16. 16

    Infant CPR

  17. 17

    The Potato Sack Pose

  18. 18

    Wrapping Newborn for Potato Sack Pose

  19. 19

    Potato Sack Pose with Sibling

  20. 20

    The Potato Sack Pose

  21. 21

    The Froggy Pose

  22. 22

    Side Lying Pose

  23. 23

    The Taco Pose

  24. 24

    Hand Held Set-Up with Dad

  25. 25

    Hand Held Set-Up with Mom

  26. 26

    Posing: Hanging Set-Up

  27. 27

    Session Workflow

  28. 28

    Final Q&A

  29. 29

    Class Overview


Meet Your Expert

Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown is a portrait photographer, specializing in newborn and baby portraiture. Her nurturing desire to capture her family as it grows led to launching her business Little Pieces of Photography in 2005.

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94% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Lindsey Wall

    March 2018

    Kelly Brown is one of my favorite teachers not just in newborn photography but photography and learning in general. Her patience is inspiring and she makes this job seem so much more enjoyable and installs passion in you to improve and be the best you can be! Kelly is an expert at what she does and is great at communicating how she does it. I have taken the Creative live baby bootcamp class which is actually what got me to want to go into newborn photography! Ive also purchased a few of her newborn posing courses and I love them all. I literally own my new blossoming little career to Kelly! I love creative live, I have just learned so much from these courses. They are constantly giving out new classes that are so affordable and such amazing resources for any photographer or professional. I am so lucky to have discovered them and Kelly Brown. Thank you Kelly and creative live!

  • Alice T.

    Alice T.

    March 2016

    This is an amazing class! Kelly Brown offers a wealth of information that is comprehensive and straightforward. She has such a soothing voice and such great patience that it translates into becoming a great presenter and instructor. Her methodology both in business and her art are sensible and desirable which has taken me up significantly. She has helped me in understanding this business and how to become successful while doing what I love in a profitable and safe manner for both my clients and myself!

  • TheColorDana


    August 2016

    Kelly is such a fantastic instructor! This class is wonderful for both beginners & intermediate newborn photographers to improve their posing and keep safety number one. Not only does Kelly teach you step by step how to safely pose, she also explains why she poses the way she does - which is so important. This class is a great resource to watch over and over again until we are all masters!

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