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Mastering Long Exposure Photography

with Matt Kloskowski

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  •   01 Why Long Exposure Photography?


Class duration: 3h 23m

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About The Class

learn how to capture dramatic images using a timeless technique.

Long exposure photography helps you to create truly dramatic images. In Mastering Long Exposure Photography with Matt Kloskowski you’ll learn how to capture images in which water appears to move and clouds streak across the sky.

Matt is a landscape photographer and the best-selling author of over 20 books on photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop. In this class, you’ll watch Matt at work in the field as he demonstrates his favorite techniques. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Camera settings for capturing extended exposures 
  • Helpful photography equipment and apps 
  • Post-processing long exposure images 

Matt will discuss which filters work for long exposure photographs and he’ll show you how to create images that seem to move and convey the passage of time.

If you've been wanting to create dramatic images, Mastering Long Exposure Photography with Matt Kloskowski is the class for you. It'll open you up to a whole new style of captivating fine art photography.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Why Long Exposure Photography?

    Long exposure photography lets you create dramatic images and opens up new shooting opportunities.

  2. 02

    Long Exposure Photography Gear

  3. 03

    Camera Settings and ND Filters Long Exposure Photography

  4. 04

    Three Ways to Get Longer Shutter Speeds

  5. 05

    Field Demo: Smoothing Water with Neutral Density Filters

  6. 06

    Post-Processing Long Exposure Smoothing Water Shots

  7. 07

    In the Field Demo: Long Exposures on the Beach

  8. 08

    Post-Processing Long Exposures on the Beach

  9. 09

    How to Get Streaky Clouds in Long Exposure Photography

  10. 10

    In the Field Demo: Capturing Streaky Lights

  11. 11

    Post-Processing Long Exposure Streaky Lights


Meet Your Expert

Matt Kloskowski

Matt Kloskowski is a Tampa-based landscape photographer who loves teaching and photography (in that order). Because he feels that enjoying photography, Photoshop®, and Lightroom® can get way too complicated, his personal mission is ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • zip CreativeLive Sky
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95% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Photoracer


    July 2015

    I always enjoy the opportunity to learn something new from one of my favorite teachers, and Matt rarely disappoints. The material that he covers in this class on long exposures will give the viewers enough tools and techniques to get them on their way to creating quality captures. He gives many tips how to overcome some of the most commonly found issues and pitfalls that long exposures can include. If there was any disappointment in what I received, it would be the duplication of the "bonus" material (except for the 'cheat sheet') from the class I had purchased the day before. I might add that "Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers" is a great companion to this class and is also worthy of purchase. The second disappointment, at least for me, was Matt's not including long exposures that involve capturing the night sky... stars, Milky Way, Moon, etc. THAT would be a perfect opportunity for CreativeLive to jump in and put a class together. I would be willing to bet that it would be HUGELY popular. Just a thought! Again, a big 'thank you' to Matt for another solid presentation. I'll be tuning in to his next presentation.

  • Karen Witter

    Karen Witter

    February 2018

    I have loved all of the classes I've taken from Matt, and this class was no exception. Matt explains everything so clearly and then beautifully illustrates what he means. I learned a ton from this class. I love how practical he is, as well as his engaging manner of teaching. I highly recommend this class if you're interested in taking pictures where you want to convey motion which, as he explains, is how our eyes really see.

  • Windyme


    June 2015

    I enjoyed this class immensely. It took the mystery out of long exposure photography for me. I am anxiously awaiting my ND filters so I may get started utilizing all that I learned in this terrific class. I found the 'field' portion of the class especially helpful--watching Mr. Kloskowski actually setting up for long exposure shots and the steps needed to understand the procedure necessary to accomplish the beautiful results he obtained. Thanks!

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