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Scouting Techniques for National Parks

with Chris Nicholson

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  •   07 Tools for Scouting on Location


Class duration: 1h 58m

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About The Class

Tools, Tips and Guides to getting the best photos

National Parks offer vast landscapes, dynamic vistas and views that are worthy of hanging on gallery walls. Capturing those scenic areas in a photo that represents what you experience in person takes planning and preparation. Knowing what opportunities you have in each park at what time of year is a great start to capturing incredible images. In this class you’ll learn:

  • National Park rules and regulations- when to get a permit and how to obtain one
  • Scouting tips for night shooting, how to scout and prep your shoot before sunset
  • Safety tips for yourself and your gear when shooting in remote locations at night
Chris Nicholson’s passion for the National Parks and photography led him to write the book Photographing National Parks. His experience in all 59 US National Parks will help any beginner or professional photographer optimize their experience and photographs in either marshlands or desert landscapes. 

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Intro

  2. 02

    History and Overview of National Parks

  3. 03

    Case Studies

  4. 04

    Scouting Locations From Home

  5. 05

    Day Scouting Locations

  6. 06

    Organizing Your Info

  7. 07

    Tools for Scouting on Location

  8. 08

    Preparing for Wilderness and Plant Life

  9. 09

    Foot Wear

  10. 10

    Food & Water

  11. 11

    Survival Kit

  12. 12

    Park Environments

  13. 13

    Getting the Shot


Meet Your Expert

Chris Nicholson

Chris Nicholson is a photographer, writer and educator based in the northeast, is author of Photographing National Parks (Sidelight Books, 2015), and is a workshop organizer and leader with National Parks at Night. A former magazine editor for 10 years, he has worked ... read more

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Bonus Material

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  • pdf Resources And Gear Guide
  • pdf Ten Tips for Photographing National Parks
  • pdf Wilderness Survival Kit
  • pdf B&H Gear Guide

81% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Donna


    September 2016

    This class was a tremendous help. It is definitely a "tool kit" class and not a "how to" class. With that said, it is worth every penny just for the amazing scouting tips, safety tips, and national park app suggestion. I downloaded one of the recommended apps from this class for a trip I'm taking next month and was thrilled with the information. There are definitely a lot of great tools discussed in this class.

  • Gaily Cowart

    September 2016

    This class was incredible because I wouldn't have gottent this info anywhere else. It's basically a lesson in common and not-so-common sense while shooting at night. No, you're not going to get a whole lot of techniques for working your camera, but you will get strategies for making sure you're actually able to shoot once you're ready. With night photography, there are many unknows that can ruin your chances of getting good shots. Without this class, I never would have thought about how to make the most of daylight hours to plan and prepare a night shoot. And, I wouldn't have known much about how to be as safe and prepared while shooting in the wilderness. I found this course to be very interesting and helpful in the grand scheme of understanding how to get the best from your efforts while shooting at night-time in a park, or secluded area.

  • Robert Reed

    September 2018

    If you understand the purpose of this class, you will get a great deal of benefit from it. It is NOT a photography class in the sense of teaching technique, gear, or artistic considerations. It is a class on scouting and preparing for landscape photography - particularly night photography. While the instructor works heavily in the national parks, his techniques would be valuable anywhere. I especially benefited from the section on various resources. He mentions several books and gives specific insights into apps designed for photographers. Most of which I was familiar with, but he even covers their basic use and function. Those not accustomed to spending time on trails or in the back country will also appreciate the very practical advice that he offers on safety, clothing, and general considerations. A nice concise package that covers a lot of ground.

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