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The Outdoor Photography Experience

with Chris Burkard

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  •   24 Yosemite Hang Gliding Shoot


Class duration: 11h 1m

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About The Class

make epic outdoor images.

Shooting outdoor photography is a powerful way to commune with nature and experience the fullness of life. Learn how to train your eye on incredible shots and convey the energy of the outdoors in The Outdoor Photography Experience with Chris Burkard.

Chris’s beloved images of life on the world’s coasts are alive with action and emotion. In this class, he’ll share the tools and techniques he uses to capture the photographs he sells to magazines, brands, collectors, and publishers.

You’ll learn about his shooting style and the gear he brings on his global adventures. He’ll also talk about the business of photography and share tips on marketing and selling your work.

If you want insights on how to create rich, dramatic images that let you enjoy more time outdoors, don’t miss your chance to learn from Chris Burkard in The Outdoor Photography Experience.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Photography & Outdoor Experience

  3. 03

    How to Create Timeless Images

  4. 04

    Pismo Beach Walk Gear

  5. 05

    Yosemite Trip Gear

  6. 06

    Gear Q & A

  7. 07

    Water Housing Photography

  8. 08

    Shooting in the Water

  9. 09

    Water Photography Q & A

  10. 10

    Researching Your Location Before Shooting

  11. 11

    Timeless Images at Glacier Point Shoot

  12. 12

    Pismo Beach - Shooting on the Pier

  13. 13

    Pismo Beach - Focus Point

  14. 14

    Pismo Beach - Composition & Tips

  15. 15

    Pismo Beach - Shooting Under the Pier

  16. 16

    Glacier Point: Shooting Stars & Night Photography

  17. 17

    Equipment & Tools for Night Shooting

  18. 18

    Basic Night Shooting Q & A

  19. 19

    Post Processing Tools

  20. 20

    Organizing with Photo Mechanic

  21. 21

    Post Processing with Lightroom

  22. 22

    Importance of Saving to DNG

  23. 23

    Post Processing Q & A

  24. 24

    Yosemite Hang Gliding Shoot

  25. 25

    How to Utilize Social Media

  26. 26

    Social Media Analytics to Utilize Social Media

  27. 27

    Social Media Best Practices Q & A

  28. 28

    How to Upload Photos to Your Social Media

  29. 29

    Appealing To & Working with Brands


Meet Your Expert

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Central Coast California, whose work is layered by surf, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects. At the age of 29, Burkard has established himself as a known name in the surf and outdoor industries. With ocean as his main muse, Burkard has consistently captured this subject in timeless and expansive photographic impressions, utilizing the tool of surfing to approach the ocean’s intricate personality and then extending out to include the human personalities that draw meaning from this same source. Searching for wild, remote destinations and offbeat landscapes, Burkard portrays the humble placement of the human in contrast to nature.   ... read more

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83% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Sjeupie

    July 2015

    I've been staying up all night to watch the live broadcast. As somebody else here mentioned (latsok), it's emphasizes on the non-technical aspects (emotion, engagement, colour and composition) rather than the technical stuff like shutter speeds, iso and f-stop. Although I can use some help in both, the technical aspects are not only camera specific but fairly objective as well. The non-technical aspects however are something much harder to grasp. Getting help in this by no-one less than Chris Burkard is just amazing. I bought this class so I can re-watch certain parts of the broadcast again whenever I need it. But also to show my appreciation for Chris Burkard and Creative Live for providing this great online course!

  • Matt Redfern

    Matt Redfern

    July 2018

    This class was packed full of amazing knowledge. I really enjoyed the topics covered and have found it super helpful for my work. I have had so many takeaways ranging anywhere from how to put myself out there, finding my style that stands out, practical applications, etc. I would highly recommend this class to everyone interested in photography! Big thanks to Chris and CreativeLive for putting this together.

  • user-082aad

    August 2015

    This was a phenomenal class. I highly recommend it to anyone. Chris is not only a sensational photographer, he is a wonderful teacher. He provides such detailed information and freely gives same to his students. He is really really available and eager to answer questions and so easy to understand. I learned so much and I was thrilled. I am very very grateful I found this particular class.

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