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The Art & Business of High-End Retouching

with Pratik Naik

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  •   08 Annotating for the Retoucher


Class duration: 15h 16m

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About The Class

create beautiful photos in less time.

One of the biggest challenges a photographer faces is the amount of time spent on retouching images. Creating a beautiful high-end finished photo requires the right tools and techniques — but the process doesn’t need to dominate your workflow.

Join international retoucher Pratik Naik, owner of Solstice Retouch, as he shares his secrets for creating beautiful photos in less time. You will also learn the business and marketing side of retouching — everything from working with clients to creative branding opportunities.

During a live photo shoot, Pratik works with photographer Felix Kunze, demonstrating how photographers and retouchers can work together to craft a final product that exceeds the expectations of both parties. You’ll learn every single step of the retouching process by watching as Pratik turns Felix’s raw photos into high-quality images.

Whether you’re a photographer who wants to present high-end final images to your clients, or you want to break into the world of retouching, Pratik will provide you with the skills necessary to be the best at your craft.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2, Adobe Lightroom 5

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Introduction and Pre-Shoot

  2. 02

    Shooting for Retouching: Beauty Look

  3. 03

    Shooting for Retouching: Beauty Continued

  4. 04

    Shooting for Retouching: Fashion

  5. 05

    Shooting for Retouching: Fashion Continued

  6. 06

    Shooting for Retouching: Male Fashion

  7. 07

    Culling for Retouching

  8. 08

    Annotating for the Retoucher

    Pratik and Felix Kunze demonstrate the use of annotations in professional retouching.

  9. 09

    The Retouching Industry

  10. 10

    What to Know Before You Get Started

  11. 11

    Tips for Retouchers & Gear

  12. 12

    Overview of Photoshop Workflow

  13. 13

    Photoshop Workflow Continued

  14. 14

    Retouching Workflow: Camera RAW

  15. 15

    Retouching Workflow: Beauty Image

  16. 16

    Retouching Workflow: Healing Brush

  17. 17

    Retouching Workflow: Content Aware

  18. 18

    Retouching Workflow: Dodge and Burn

  19. 19

    Retouching Workflow: Frequency Separation

  20. 20

    Retouching Workflow: Frequency Separation Continued

  21. 21

    Retouching Workflow: Color Correction

  22. 22

    Retouching Workflow: Contouring

  23. 23

    Retouching Workflow: Sharpening

  24. 24

    Retouching Workflow: Color Toning

  25. 25

    Retouching Workflow: Color Picker Table

  26. 26

    Conversion to Black and White

  27. 27

    Conversion Q&A

  28. 28

    Retouching Workflow: Luminosity Mask

  29. 29

    Retouching Workflow: Male Model

  30. 30

    Retouching Workflow: Male Model Continued

  31. 31

    Retouching Workflow: Fashion

  32. 32

    Working with Clients & the Business of Retouching


Meet Your Expert

Pratik Naik

Pratik Naik is a high end retoucher specializing in commercial and editorial work, represented by One Mega Management. His proficiency with retouching and Photoshop stems from 10 years of experience in the field. His work can be seen in magazines ... read more

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93% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • peter

    July 2014

    Really wonderful course, thanks. May I suggest a fantastic idea for maybe those who purchase the course? It would be extremely useful to be provided with a summary of the content of each video segment, perhaps a 30-60 second video with written 'dot-point' sheet at the end of each segment, to be reviewed at a later time. It just takes too long to replay each video to get the important messages. The notes provided by Pratik were a step in the right direction but they need more detail of what was presented, including tips and tricks, in each segment. In this way, once having watched the entire course, you could go back and review the nitty-gritty aspects of each segment quickly and efficiently. These quick 'summary' clips could make up a separate 15 minute video, recapping in detail the hard-core content of the course, without interruptions from questions. This would be extremely useful and hopefully not take the presenter too long to film. I feel this would be a wonderful 'added value' aspect of buying the course, as it would not be available for for free viewing. It would certainly encourage me to buy more of the available courses. Keep up the great work at Creative Live! I have stopped my Kelby subscription and just watch you guys now!! Well done!! Peter Bourne Australia

  • Valentina


    October 2015

    Pratik has been a revelation and a revolution at the same time, even kinda a benediction because of its huge generosity to show us such an efficient and powerful workflow. His genial approach turns impossible things into possible. What amazed me most, was Pratik ability to see further the shot and take the best of it to reach the perfection. The original photo is still there, very recognizable, but through a precise and meaningful workflow, it becomes eye-catching, high quality, high impact. Pratik is a wonderful person, very genuine, high talented, with a sophisticated sense of the aesthetics and arts. This course changed drastically my way to look at photoshop and at the retouching techniques. Thank you!!

  • user d3cdf7

    June 2014

    I have been a retoucher since 1992 and a commercial photographer and I am amazed at the wealth of information Pratik is teaching us. Love his great sense of humor. Yes, retouching takes me way into the early part of the morning...up to 4 am. I've learned to listen to Books on DVD from the library which help my attitude much better. Several degrees behind me and I know I was meant to make a difference with portrait photography. NO ONE wants reality, especially at elder ages. So I continue to learn to retouch professionally and not use a quick retouch filter which renders a fake look. I may incorporate a light retouching filter, but I find I must always do some manual retouching first, in order to have the appearance look real. Which is the old first rule to retouching itself. In the film days, I use to make my own texture screens in order to create more beautiful faces. My photographer friends would ask for my help in using them, when they had blurred an important celebrity shot. The texture screen would help spread the dots and give the appearance of your digital noise now. The results were the image looked more focused Thank you Pratik Naik, for being so generous with your techniques. I am interested in how to price out retouching jobs, as I have been told I give my retouching away with my photography. Thanks,, Jeri Goodwin-Akari cherished moments photography in walla walla, WA

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