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Capture and Create Artistic Wedding Portraits

with Caroline Tran

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   04 Tips to Achieve the Look of Film with Digital


Class duration: 2h 19m

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About The Class

From Shoot to Edit: Create Digital Photos that Evoke a Film Look

The classic, timeless look of film is making a comeback. Its popularity among commercial photographers is soaring, and it’s in particularly high demand in the world of wedding photography. But if you shoot digital or hybrid, how can you make your photos look like they were shot on film? Caroline Tran, a wedding photographer whose work has appeared in countless books and magazines, will teach you how to create the look of film through light, exposure and editing. Come along on a live shoot where she’ll show you how to find the light you need, expose to get 90 percent of the photo in camera, and use Lightroom® to achieve her signature look.


Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    Why Care About the Film Look?

  3. 03

    What is the Film Look?

  4. 04

    Tips to Achieve the Look of Film with Digital

  5. 05

    Live Shoot: Bridal Portraits

  6. 06

    Introduction to Editing for the Film Look

  7. 07

    Using Photo Mechanic to Cull

  8. 08

    Live Edit: How I Get the Film Look

  9. 09

    Live Edit: Editing the Live Shoot


Meet Your Expert

Caroline Tran

Caroline Tran is a wedding photographer based in southern California. Inspiring, creative, and fun, she  documents life with her easygoing and vivacious personality. By building trust and rapport, she is able to bring out the emotions and natural beauty in her subjects, creating meaningful ethereal artwork that expresses elegance and bliss. ... read more

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38% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • JennMercille


    May 2018

    Caroline Tran is bursting with creative energy and enthusiasm! In this class she walks you through the little differences between film and digital that separate the SOOC of the two. She shows you how understanding what makes them different is the cornerstone to learning how to manipulate digital to mimic film. All you need is a working knowledge of manual mode, and a willingness to let go of go-to DSLR habits that keep your images distinctly digital. She finishes with walking you through the simplest post-production that doesn't even require a strong knowledge of Lightroom. She even sells her presets if you don't want to recreate them on your own. This class was wonderful and so much fun! Thank you Caroline!

  • Kate Senger

    Kate Senger

    September 2018

    I can't say I got a ton from this class. First off, it's a lot easier working with a professional model dressed as a bride than it is working with a bride who is not a professional model. I was also really excited to dig into the editing portion and to see how to achieve a nice film-like edit. Unfortunately it was applying presets and tweaking the preset from there. If a class offers editing I think it should be required to completely hand edit the photo. Making changes in the tone curve, making changes in split toning and to each individual color, etc. Caroline seems really nice and passionate about teaching, but I don't feel the class was worth the money.

  • intaGnobums


    June 2018

    I was looking forward to see this class. Since im shooting my weddings hybrid as well. So disappointed. Nothing new. The same info . And I agree with other comments. I would love to see step by step how she match her digital files to film. Without pressets. Love her work and her personality but really would love to have more useful info.

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