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One Light Wonder

with Clay Patrick McBride

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Class duration: 4h 57m

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About The Class

Create Dynamic Portraits with Minimal Effort

We only have one sun, so why should we need more than one light? In this course, celebrity portrait photographer Clay Patrick McBride will dive into lighting with intention. Through a variety of live shoots, he’ll demonstrate how to incorporate lighting diagrams into your workflow so you can create setups that you can use again and again.

He’ll cover:

  • How to control your light
  • Creating hard or soft light
  • The importance of documenting your setups
  • Sculpting with Light
  • Removing and creating shadows with intention

By the end of this class, you will be able to create incredible images with confidence and the use of only one light.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    The Inverse Square Law

  3. 03

    Shoot: One Light, Single Subject

  4. 04

    Shoot: Group Photo

  5. 05

    Shoot: Group with Diffusion

  6. 06

    Lighting Diagrams

  7. 07

    Strobox Demo with Chris Coe

  8. 08

    Softbox Set Up #1: Overhead Drama

  9. 09

    Softbox Set Up #2: Beauty Box

  10. 10

    Softbox Set Up #3: Backlight

  11. 11

    Softbox Set Up #4: Backlit Silhouette

  12. 12

    Creating a One Light Playbook

  13. 13

    Shoot: Bare Beauty Dish

  14. 14

    Shoot: Stripbank

  15. 15

    Shoot: Magnum Reflector

  16. 16

    Shoot: Grids

  17. 17

    Shoot: Beauty Dish with Sock

  18. 18

    Introducing Multiple Lights

  19. 19

    Shoot: Clamshell

  20. 20

    Shoot: Softbox & Beauty Dish - Main/Fill Lights

  21. 21

    Shoot: Softbox, Edge Lights/Striplights, and V Flats


Meet Your Expert

Clay Patrick McBride

McBride’s portraits of top athletes and musicians such as LeBron James, Allen Iverson, Metallica, Norah Jones, Jay Z, and Kanye West have appeared in countless magazines, among them Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated and NY Magazine. His commercial work includes dozens of album covers for Sony, Blue Note and Atlantic Records, as well as print campaigns for Pontiac, Boost Mobile and Nike.  ... read more

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  • pdf One Light Wonder Lighting Diagrams
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92% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • KIS Photography

    KIS Photography

    August 2017

    WOW! I was getting ready to go to bed, when I saw this class last night as I was perusing the classes available. Got the notification that it was playing, so I thought I'd check it out for a minute or two. Well, once I turned it on, I couldn't turn it off! As someone who has shot musicians on stage since I was 16, I've recently been interested in shooting portraits of them, so Clay instantly intrigued me! The more I watched, the more I couldn't shut it off, and I stayed up til 5:30 in the morning to finish the course (financial issues, so I can't afford the class right now) This class is amazing! I love Clay's teaching style, his willingness to step outside the box and play by his own rules, and his lighting is awesome! As soon as it is possible, I WILL be purchasing this class! Loved it! Thanks again CreativeLive for introducing me to yet another outstanding photographer to learn from!

  • Jason Darr

    August 2017

    I absolutely loved this. Great instruction, great content and very inspiring demonstrations. I'd highly recommend this course

  • Gene Tolan

    Gene Tolan

    October 2017

    Awesome intro to lighting. I love Clay's teaching style and his personality infused presentation was a pleasure. I highly recommend this course.

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