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Portrait Photography Bootcamp

with Lindsay Adler

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Class duration: 13h 46m

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About The Class

learn to take stunning portraits.

Humans are social creatures. We love to reflect on ourselves and the people we cherish, and we like to have that ability whenever we please. Portrait photography is an excellent skill to cultivate for anyone with a camera - whether you're simply taking better photos of your family or want to build out your business's portrait portfolio.

Lindsay will walk you through everything you need to know to take great portraits. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Camera selection, settings, and accessories
  • Lighting and lenses
  • Posing and directing men, women, full-figured subjects, and groups
Portrait Photography Bootcamp will start at the very beginning and help you establish a foundation for all styles of portrait photography. You’ll learn about the essential elements of a good portrait; lighting, posing and expression. Then you’ll learn how to work with what you've got, with instruction on shooting with window, natural, indoor, and studio lights.

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Introduction and Overview

  2. 02


  3. 03

    Lens & Focus

  4. 04

    Cropping & Composition

  5. 05

    Group / Accessories

  6. 06

    Intro to Studio Lighting

    Learn about the principles of light and how these fundamentals can be applied in a photography studio.

  7. 07


  8. 08

    Natural Light Essentials

  9. 09


  10. 10

    Training Your Eye - Light

  11. 11

    Directing and Posing Headshots

  12. 12

    Posing Couples

  13. 13

    Posing Individuals Full Length

  14. 14

    Posing Groups

  15. 15

    Posing: Training Your Eye

  16. 16

    Headshots: 3 Go To Set Ups for Men and Women

  17. 17

    Quick Reference: Photographing Men

  18. 18

    Quick Reference: Photographing Women and Full Figure

  19. 19

    Quick Reference: Photographing Couples

  20. 20

    Quick Reference: Photographing Families and Groups


Meet Your Expert

Lindsay Adler

Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler has risen to the top of her industry as both a photographer, educator, and Canon Explorer of Light. Based in New York City, her fashion editorials have appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications including Marie Claire, Elle, InStyle, Noise, Essence, Zink Magazine, Rangefinder, Professional Photographer and dozens more. As a photographic educator, she is one of the most sought after speakers internationally, teaching on the industry's largest platforms and most prestigious events.  ... read more

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98% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Berus

    August 2015

    One of my favorite courses thus far on Creative Live, and definitely well worth the purchase price. Lindsay effectively demystifies many of the critical stumbling blocks to achieving a practical understanding of many critical elements of portrait photography. I would rate this course as being perfect for the advanced photographer - a couple of the concepts might be beyond that of a casual/intermediate photographer, but even they would probably gain a great deal from this course. Her discussion on equipment, in particular was superbly done, and allows one to move forward in beginning to make the right choices to achieve whatever effect one is after in terms of capturing the subject. Finally, the great thing about this course, and the thing which makes it such a great value, is the overall scope of what is being taught. Lindsay covers almost everything imaginable, and does it all in a manner which is enjoyable, and makes the time fly by. There were many, many times during the various days of this course during which Lindsay would share some particularly great tip or technique, and I would think "Insert bookmark here." I don't dole out praise easily (actually left a fairly scathing review on another course here recently) but this course has won me over. Highly, HIGHLY recommended. I'm definitely going to check out her other courses as well.

  • Creativelive Student

    July 2016

    This is Lindsay's best course to date and believe me, she has given us some good ones already on Creative Live. She hit this one out of the park! She was very well prepared and organized. I could tell that Lindsay put a lot of work into preparation for the class because she just kept giving us great information non stop. There was no down time or wasted moments. All future instructors on Creative Live should be encouraged to watch this course just to see what good instruction looks like. Lindsay has evolved over the past few years and just keeps getting better as time passes. Thank you Lindsay and thank you Creative Live for a job well done! Craig Banton

  • Maciej


    November 2017

    Lindsay is a great teacher by nature...She is a very talented, knowledgeable and experienced fashion/portrait photographer and I really like the way she shares her knowledge with us. She's got great vibes, lots of good energy and I could honestly watch her videos endlessly...I had already known a few things that this course covers, however Lindsay made it very exciting and I was happy to refresh my knowledge through her lessons. Thank you so much, Lindsay!

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