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The Art and Business of Conceptual Portraiture

with Jennifer Thoreson

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  •   12 Preparing a Conceptual Beauty Shoot


Class duration: 10h 18m

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About The Class

the practice, process, and business of fine art photography.

Conceptual portraiture is where art and photography meet. In this class, Jennifer Thoreson will explore the intersection of fine art and photography and discuss the practice, process, and business of bringing conceptual portraits to life.

Jennifer is a visual artist, speaker, and lecturer whose photographic work has been widely published internationally in print and online journals. In this class she’ll reveal the process for developing commissioned and exhibition work. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create unique, imaginative props 
  • Secure the right type of model
  • Price your work
  • Approach galleries, museums, and publications

Jennifer will help you define your personal style and show you how to put together a conceptual series. You’ll get the inside scoop on what it takes to make a living through fine art photography and also get Jennifer’s tips on managing the business side.

If you want to expand into the expressive and exciting genre of conceptual photography, The Art and Business of Conceptual Portraiture with Jennifer Thoreson is the perfect place to begin your journey. 

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Conceptual Meaning and Inspiration

  2. 02

    How to Get Started

  3. 03

    Breaking Down Your Own Experiences

  4. 04

    Experimenting with Homemade Materials and Spaces

  5. 05

    Testament Series

  6. 06

    Conceptualizing a Body of Work

  7. 07

    Concept Origin

  8. 08

    Thinking in Layers

  9. 09

    Writing an Artist Statement

  10. 10

    Commissioned Work vs. Fine Art

  11. 11

    Creating a Visual Vocabulary

  12. 12

    Preparing a Conceptual Beauty Shoot

    Jennifer discusses the differences between working as a conceptual photographer and a commissioned one.

  13. 13

    Preparing the Model

  14. 14

    Shooting a Conceptual Beauty Shoot

  15. 15

    Shooting a Conceptual Beauty Shoot Part 2

  16. 16

    Conceptual Beauty Shoot Questions

  17. 17

    Conceptual Domestic Shoot Prep

  18. 18

    Conceptual Domestic Shoot Part 1

  19. 19

    Conceptual Domestic Shoot Part 2

  20. 20

    Conceptual Domestic Shoot Part 3

  21. 21

    Submitting Work to Galleries

  22. 22

    Submitting Work to Publications

  23. 23

    How to Submit Work

  24. 24

    Writing a CV or a Bio

  25. 25

    Writing a Grant Proposal

  26. 26

    Artist Residencies

  27. 27

    Portfolio Reviews

  28. 28

    Pricing, Edition and Signing your Work

  29. 29

    Printing Your Editions

  30. 30

    Working with Galleries

  31. 31

    Building an Audience

  32. 32

    Preparing for an Exhibition and Final Thoughts

  33. 33

    Making a Living

  34. 34

    Conceptual Shoot with Family

  35. 35

    Conceptual Shoot with Male Model

  36. 36

    Post-Processing Conceptual Shoots


Meet Your Expert

Jennifer Thoreson

Jennifer B Thoreson is a young visual artist creating staged imagery that is both artistically stylized and meticulously crafted. Drawing inspirations from themes of faith and the intricacy of personal relationships, Jennifer is a dynamic and emotional illustrator of the human heart. The work is soulful, seeking the use of the forgotten or discarded, heavily symbolic, eerie and quiet. She references her faith and spirituality to bring insight and awareness, using heartfelt, acutely mapped personal experiences.  ... read more

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90% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Creativelive Student

    July 2015

    "Thinking about art is not making art." In this inspiring and informative workshop, Jennifer helps you put thought into action - through meaningful self-reflection, exploration and by taking her through her own processes. Through exercises and examples, she explains how to pull out a thread of an idea and develop it into a conceptual project that is informed and invigorated by personal experience, preference, interests, and so much more. Her workshop not only feeds the creative soul, but offers earnest information on taking first steps toward publishing and showing fine-art. Jen so beautifully shares her talent and her love of teaching - I first "met" her on Creative Live and have had the joy of being mentored by her in-person as well. This workshop is a very close second to spending time with her one-on-one. Thank you, CL, for bringing her back!

  • Creativelive Student

    June 2015

    I love Jennifer, she's one of my cL favorites! She is such a soulful photographer and her art just resonates with me in so many ways. While she was creating her conceptual piece with the mother and child, my eyes welled up because it was such a profound experience to witness. I appreciate that she has a graduate degree in art and is able to refer to others in the field who are leading the way. She is so genuine and I'm grateful for her willingness to bare her soul to us through her art and process. I've learned so much by watching how she interacts with models and communicates efficiently and gently to get AMAZING poses. Definitely worth the buy if you're looking for inspiration from an artist who creates images which evoke emotion and communicate a message, not just trying to make "great photos." I can't wait to learn about the business side of it all!

  • user 76eabd

    July 2015

    It was great to hear her comments on achieving the requisite print quality for the art market. As Jennifer commented, there was no time to go into detail of master printing but I would love to see a future course dedicated to the technical side of fine art printing.

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