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Lighting and Posing for Wedding Photographers

with Caroline Tran

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  •   01 Class Introduction

  •   06 Engagement Shoot: Assessing the Light


Class duration: 4h 59m

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About The Class

Pose Your Clients in the Best Possible Light

Capturing the special moments for your wedding clients is a big responsibility. You only have one chance to evaluate and make sure the couple is posed in the best possible light for each image. Caroline Tran is a well-known wedding and portrait photographer recognized for creating images that reflect the emotions of her clients through lighting and posing. In her class you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate the light you’re seeing and place your clients in the best place to capture it
  • Work with natural light and determine what additional equipment you might need
  • Understand Caroline’s system of using the 6 pick-up points of posing so you won’t miss any of the key poses that your clients will want to see
  • Use the proper cues to get the couple in the right posing position
  • Cull and edit your images so to provide the best product for your clients

Wedding days go by so quickly for couples, it’s important give them images that preserve the special moments and memories they’ll treasure forever. Caroline will help you to understand the lighting and posing techniques to capture the unique details of every couple. 

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01

    Class Introduction

  2. 02

    How to Find Good Light

  3. 03

    3 Common Types of Light

  4. 04

    Directing Your Clients

  5. 05

    Posing Pick-Up Points

  6. 06

    Engagement Shoot: Assessing the Light

  7. 07

    Engagement Shoot: Storylines and Pick-Up Points

  8. 08

    Engagement Shoot: Q&A

  9. 09

    Wedding Shoot: Bride and Groom Look #1

  10. 10

    Wedding Shoot: The Groom

  11. 11

    Wedding Shoot: The Bouquet

  12. 12

    Wedding Shoot: Bride and Groom Look #2

  13. 13

    Wedding Shoot: Q&A

  14. 14

    Live Edit: My Workflow

  15. 15

    Live Edit of Engagement Shoot

  16. 16

    Live Edit: Q&A


Meet Your Expert

Caroline Tran

Caroline Tran is a wedding photographer based in southern California. Inspiring, creative, and fun, she  documents life with her easygoing and vivacious personality. By building trust and rapport, she is able to bring out the emotions and natural beauty in her subjects, creating meaningful ethereal artwork that expresses elegance and bliss. ... read more

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  • pdf Posing Tips

80% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Karina


    April 2018

    I had such a great experience at Creative Live. Everyone was super nice. I flew from Los Angeles to Seattle for the first time and Mariangela was kind enough to help me with transportation, hotel, restaurants, things to do in Seattle. It was a fun continue education trip. Caroline Tran's class was amazing! I can't wait to go back for another class at Creative Live.

  • user-ba3a78

    April 2018

    Enjoyed the class! Especially liked seeing how Caroline transitioned and shot the engagement shoot with the cute couple. The pick up points were great, love the analogy to piano since I'm pianist as well. I use her refined presets too and really like the outcome :) Would recommend that as well!

  • Courtney Knowlan

    Courtney Knowlan

    January 2019

    The one aspect of this class that I loved was the posing pick-up points - those are great and really help with session flow. Other than that, I felt like this course fell short simply because it was all done in studio. I would have loved to see her in action in a real-world setting - I think she is a wealth of information but was limited with what she can do in studio.

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