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Wedding Photojournalism

with Joe Buissink

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  •   02 1:00 pm - Bride and Groom Getting Ready


Class duration: 11h 39m

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About The Class

Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist

Topics Covered

Lesson Plan

  1. 01


  2. 02

    1:00 pm - Bride and Groom Getting Ready

  3. 03

    1:45 pm - Gift Exchange

  4. 04

    2:15 pm - The First Look

  5. 05

    2:30 pm - Bridal Party Portraits

  6. 06

    3:15 pm - Family Portraits

  7. 07

    4:00 pm - The Ceremony

  8. 08

    5:15 pm - Interviews: Craig Swanson, Father of the Groom

  9. 09

    5:45 pm - Traditional Cambodian Dance

  10. 10

    6:00 pm - Interviews: Wedding Planner, Bride and Groom

  11. 11

    7:00 pm - First Dance, Toasts and Cake Cutting

  12. 12

    8:15 pm - Bouquet/Garter Toss and Fireworks

  13. 13

    Day 2 Pre-Show

  14. 14

    9:00 am - Getting Footage Ready

  15. 15

    10:45 am - Portraits Coverage

  16. 16

    11:15 am - Ceremony Coverage

  17. 17

    11:45 am - Reception Coverage

  18. 18

    Day 2 Wrap-Up

  19. 19

    Day 3 Pre-Show

  20. 20

    9:00 am - Joe's Gear Bag

  21. 21

    9:15 am - Rich's Gear Bag

  22. 22

    9:30 am - The First Edit Part I

  23. 23

    10:00 am - The First Edit Part II

  24. 24

    10:45 pm - Proofing Part I

  25. 25

    11:15 am - Proofing Part II

  26. 26

    11:30 am - Proofing Part III

  27. 27

    12:45 pm - Editing The Album Photos Part I

  28. 28

    1:00 pm - Editing The Album Photos Part II

  29. 29

    1:30 pm - Editing The Album Photos Part III

  30. 30

    1:45 pm - Editing Questions and Answers

  31. 31

    Thanks + Credits

  32. 32

    2:45 pm - Interview with Shalia and Teurth Part I

  33. 33

    3:15 pm - Interview with Shalia and Teurth Part II

  34. 34

    Day 3 Wrap-Up


Meet Your Expert

Joe Buissink

Joe Buissink photographs weddings all over the world and has over the years been a favorite wedding photographer among many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Brendan Fraser, Kelsey Grammer, Hillary Swank & Chad Lowe, Christina ... read more

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54% of students recommend this class.
See what some of them have to say.

  • Carlos Zaldivar

    Carlos Zaldivar

    July 2014

    Joe Buissink, Thank you for share your out of this world wedding photography its be on great,I just love it. I look up to you every day I do a wedding. I have yet to meet you but some day I will. I took conclave in April 2013 and wished you would have been there. My favorite wedding photographer is Denis Reggie which has become a friend I just love his work also. Between you and him both of you I look up to and hope some day I can be as great of a photographer just like the both of you. I just love to be a wedding photographer. Thank you for share such great information and course. Carlos Zaldivar Carlos Zaldivar photographers

  • Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin

    Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin

    August 2015

    This is one of the more slower-paced courses I have taken on Creative Live. I ended up watching the videos over a span of about 4 months, but enjoyed every moment of it. Watching Joe and Rich work is a beautiful dance. I love Joe's philosophy and he instills a calm spark in all that he does. The way he looks at angles, approaches situation and works with his clients is mesmerizing. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to be inspired by wonderful philosophy and to gain valuable insight through watching a master in action.

  • Creativelive Student

    February 2019

    The class itself seemed like it would be pretty great.. or at least what I got to see of it. I haven't used CreativeLive in awhile because I felt like the courses had started lacking a little but, at it's core, it has always been about free educational content. Or so I thought. This course being shown today, on the "live" channel was a HEAVILY shortened down version of the actual course. Which I would have been fine with, if in the 24 hours this course was being rebroadcasted, they went on to the next portions of the course. You know, the actual INFORMATIVE ones where the photographer sits and talks about the photos he took on the wedding day. Basically I just watched a live feed of someone's wedding. Which is great and all for context for the next portions, but you need the next portions. Honestly, without the Q&A and the following portions of this course, the first portion is basically useless. This is nothing against Joe, Rich, or the couple. My complaint is with whoever set this up to "rebroadcast" and just kept looping the shortened down version of day one. It's pointless. I just wasted 4 hours and learned nothing other than that the couple work at CreativeLive, the flower girl's name is Lucy and is adorable, and the groom is Cambodian. All fantastic things, they just have nothing to do with photography. And I don't blame Joe here, he's working he shouldn't be talking through every step in the middle of the wedding day. But the integral part of this course that SHOULD be getting aired is the following days in the course. That's where the real learning is. Honestly, feels like CreativeLive was just trying to tease us with the wedding day banking on the fact you'll want the real education and pay the $75 to get the course. Well not everyone has $75 and that kind of goes against the point of your site. So yeah, I'm sure the course is great. But I wouldn't know because I didn't get to see it. Really disappointed CL... I'm really disappointed.

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