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The Future of

Summary of history and current thinking:

  • CreativeLive acquired intending to expand our photography community
  • Fiverr acquired CreativeLive at the end of 2021
  • site hardware and software needs to be updated and modernized
  • Current plan is to migrate to a new platform
  • CreativeLive subscriptions will eventually include benefts
  • An explicit goal is to honor the history of the site and preserve its character

Instantaneous magic, right?

-Roger Gonzalez, CTO @ CreativeLive

We acquired because it seemed like such an obvious win -- connect the best photography education site with the oldest online photography community -- instantaneous magic, right? Well, it of course wasn't that simple, and our grand plans for integration kept getting kicked down the road while we focused on more critical business challenges. Occasional clumsy attempts to market CreativeLive to PN users eroded community trust. We had bitten off more than we could chew.

To be honest, it was hard to make a business case for keeping PN running. For the last few years, the site has been in "maintenance mode", kept alive with occasional help from former staff, and tireless volunteer work by dedicated PN community moderators. I personally felt motivated to keep advocating for the site's potential, perhaps due to my greybeard nostalgia for the Internet of the late 1990's, back when I bought creator Philip Greenspun's book "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing". I can't fully explain, but keeping the spirit of the site going has always felt important to me.

After CreativeLive was acquired by Fiverr, we engaged in many discussions about the future of, and we're thrilled to announce that Fiverr is as excited about the idea of integration as we have been!

Of course, this integration isn't going to be instantaneous either. But this time it's different. We now have the resources of a large company, where we can explore the synergies (ugh, buzzwords, but... it's the right word) between photography, education, community, and entrepreneurship. Not sure how it will take shape, but it's going to be fun!


-Matt Jensen, Team Lead - Digital Community @ Fiverr

This site has been around for so long it deserves a historical landmark plaque.

As member @m42dave eloquently shared, " is not just a web site, it’s historic (one of the first 700 sites on the web back in 1993) so however it changes in the future, I hope that that some element of that heritage and character can be carried on, while attracting a new generation of photographers. I don’t want to see it become just another “social media” site." We agree! Let's build and grow this community together.

Have ideas? Please join Matt's thread about the future of in the forum.

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