Our student, photographer, and photojournalist Genevieve Hathaway set out to tell the stories of everyday people in Egypt’s Arab Spring, and became the consummate storyteller she is today. Playing our live broadcasts halfway across the globe, Genevieve used our “CreativeLive was that missing piece that I needed – this community of photographers, this group of creative people that I could use as a way to learn and grow.” STUDENT SPOTLIGHT GENEVIEVE HATHAWAY classes to escape the challenges that would occasionally affect her daily routine. On days when moving around the city were particularly difficult, she would focus her passion on the latest broadcast. “Having that sense of normalcy and instant community to tap into, even though CreativeLive includes people from all over the world — still brought me that sense of home. I could ask questions, and interact with people while learning things that I could go out and put into practice the very next day.” As a storyteller, Genevieve uses her work to effect change and give us a glimpse into the daily lives of people rarely noticed. 09 READ MORE STORIES AT CREATIVELIVE.COM/STUDENT-STORIES Genevieve’s Top Classes: Storytelling & Photojournalism with Deanne Fitmaurice Lighting, Logistics, & Strategies For a Life in Photography with Joe McNally 08