Our paths are hand-picked to help fast-track your journey, and get you where you want to go. We’ve designed over a dozen tried and true paths complete with the world’s best classes to help you hit your creative targets or land the next big gig. EVERYBODY STARTS SOMEWHERE INTRODUCING LEARNING PATHS: a new, faster way to crush your goals. Ready to grab your camera or reach for the mic? Check out some of our top paths: HOW TO GET STARTED IN PHOTOGRAPHY BECOME A CONFIDENT PUBLIC SPEAKER LEARN GRAPHIC DESIGN LAUNCH YOUR CRAFT BUSINESS BECOME A ROCK/METAL PRODUCER CREATIVELIVE.COM/LEARNING-PATHS Hello! As 2017 heads into the final stretch, all of us at CreativeLive want to give you a high-five to say thank you for showing up and sharing your creativity with us. You’re what keeps us going on this wild ride. This is our first holiday catalog and I wanted to highlight a few things. For starters, we believe the best things in life are experiences. Beyond our basic needs, experiences make our lives truly rich. So this holiday, consider giving the experience of learning. It doesn’t get any better than hand- picked lessons from world-class experts. Countless students across our community have already realized their dreams and conquered their fears. Our student Genevieve Hathaway discovered her unique storytelling skills with our community of photographers and captured powerful images in her first book and lecture series. And Mel Robbins’ class on Breaking Habits of Self-Doubt and Building Real Confidence received an overwhelming response from students who called it “life-changing.” We know dreams don’t work unless you do, and you don’t have to do it alone. There are people all around you transforming their careers, hobbies, and lives. Whether it’s your first step towards following your passion or your 500th, we are all in this together. Together is how creativity happens, and together starts here. Here’s to joy, peace, and a season full of discoveries, P.S. Have you downloaded our app? Get your hustle on with creative learning anytime, anywhere.