The 5 Best Subreddits for Creatives


Reddit is a mixed bag. It can be a great place to see videos and funny pictures and it can also be the worst comments section on the internet. To get the best stuff, you have to go digging a little, and the following subreddits should all be great resources for any creatives looking to be around like-minded people and inspiring art.

Get Motivated
With over 4 million members, this subreddit doesn’t focus on anything specifically except quotes and discussions that will make you want to do something more with your day. The vibe is very positive and you can expect a lot of building up if you need that extra boost.

I Took a Picture
If you want some honest feedback on a photo, the 175,000 members of I Took a Picture may be able to help. Rather than describe what it is, this is from their sidebar: “Since we are all here to learn and to help each other become better photographers, even if a picture is over/underexposed, is pure camera shake or if it has a peculiar composition, we consider it a good submission. It is an opportunity for us to sit down and discuss it and improve.”

This can get a little stuffed with memes and people looking for attention, but it is also a valuable aggregate of amazing design. Show off your own stuff to get feedback or just gaze in awe at people’s own design projects and goals they set for themselves — seeing regular people with regular jobs and families pull off 30-day projects will make you feel a lot more confident doing it yourself.

Writing Prompts
This is a writer’s block killer with new ideas for a short story popping up every few minutes. Not all of them are great, but to see all of that riffing in one place, you can’t help but get swept away in the brainstorm.

Though this is a pretty small subreddit — only about 17,000 users — you will be surprised at how active it is with users submitting, ideally, doodles that only take 30 minutes or less. Whether or not that is true for everyone, there is plenty of creative energy going into much of these doodles, and is the perfect place to remind you that art does not need to be perfect or labored over — it can just be something simple that you do to make your day a little better.

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Shane Mehling is a freelance writer and editor who plays in noiserock bands.