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The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Chase Jarvis

The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show

Chase Jarvis

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1 Ego, Disrupted. How Buddhist Wisdom Meets Western Therapy with Dr. Mark Epstein 1:11:55 2 Words Can Take You Anywhere with Arianna Davis 53:00 3 Master Your Inner Voice with Dr. Ethan Kross 1:06:21 4 Accelerating 10,000 Hours to Mastery with James Altucher 1:09:49 5 Transform Your Mind in 12 Minutes a Day with Dr. Amishi Jha 1:15:57 6 Powerful Habits to Ease Anxiety and Boost Productivity with Mel Robbins 1:15:17 7 The Art of Self-Reinvention with Malcolm Gladwell 1:00:45 8 Creative Acts of Curious People with Sarah Stein Greenberg 1:10:01
9 Self-Discovery, Activism, and Rock & Roll with Stevie Van Zandt 57:56 10 Why Design Matters with Debbie Millman 1:07:04 11 Discover Work that Makes You Come Alive with Jonathan Fields 1:15:34 12 Releasing Trauma and Mastering Your Emotions with Jason Wilson 1:05:35 13 Food Saved Me with Danielle Walker 47:16 14 Changing Our Relationship with Rest with Chelsea Jackson Roberts 49:11 15 Retracing Passion to Build Lasting Career Success with Chris Bosh 54:27 16 Old School Photography + Other Musings with Kai Wong 41:52 17 Escalate and Evolve: A Blueprint for Career and Life with Ben Uyeda 1:08:44 18 The Stories That Hold Us Back with Jon Acuff 1:07:22 19 Poetry, Vulnerability and Finding Your Voice with Jericho Brown 1:13:40 20 What Does it Take to be Backable with Suneel Gupta 1:05:38 21 Unlocking Creativity, Courage and Success with Rebecca Minkoff 53:00 22 How To Heal From Your Past with Dr. Nicole LePera 1:13:54 23 That Will Never Work with Marc Randolph 1:12:06 24 The Real Cost of Your Dream Life with Rachel Rodgers 1:02:44 25 Your Network is Your Insurance Policy with Jordan Harbinger 1:24:15 26 Dream First, Details Later with Ellen Bennett 1:14:45 27 We're Never Going Back with Harley Finkelstein 1:01:47 28 How to Shatter Limitations and Achieve Your Dreams with Steven Kotler 1:08:10 29 The Creative Art of Attention with Julia Cameron 1:05:23 30 The Path Back to True Self with Martha Beck 59:45 31 Upgrade Your Brain and Learn Anything Quickly with Jim Kwik 1:21:22 32 The Urgent Need for Stoicism with Ryan Holiday 1:11:30 33 Delicious Food Doesn't Have to be Complicated with Julia Turshen 1:14:35 34 Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention with Erin Meyer 56:27 35 Stop Living On Autopilot with Antonio Neves 1:07:38 36 How to Tackle Fear and Live Boldly with Luvvie Ajayi Jones 59:42 37 Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable with Jamie Kern Lima 1:05:03 38 Hard Work + The Evolution of Self with Priyanka Chopra Jonas 36:36 39 The Power of Idealism with Samantha Power 1:34:35 40 Pushing the Limits with Extreme Explorer Mike Horn 1:22:54 41 Fast This Way with Dave Asprey 1:15:34 42 Uncomfortable Conversations with Emmanuel Acho 45:59 43 Why Conversation Matters with Rich Roll 1:24:17 44 Elevating Humanity Through Business with John Mackey 1:15:14 45 When Preparation Meets Opportunity with Paul Ninson 1:04:14 46 The Art of Practice with Christoph Niemann 1:12:18 47 Matthew McConaughey: Embracing Resistance & Catching Greenlights 1:19:38 48 Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul with Justin Boreta 1:25:32 49 Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results with James Clear 1:20:55 50 Badass Habits and Making Them Stick with Jen Sincero 1:06:12 51 Break Free from Self-Limiting Beliefs with Dr. Benjamin Hardy 1:09:18 52 Imposter Syndrome, Getting Unstuck and The Practice with Seth Godin 1:13:19 53 The Art of Curiosity and Lifelong Wisdom with Chip Conley 58:47 54 The Lost Art of Breath with James Nestor 1:03:15 55 The Art of Reinvention with Sophia Amoruso 1:03:59 56 Harness Kindness as Your Hidden Super Power with Adrienne Bankert 1:08:26 57 Heal the Soul, Restore the Calm with Stephan Moccio 1:28:19 58 Finding Resilience & Possibility with Guy Raz 1:08:47 59 Truth, Fear, and How to do Better with Luvvie Ajayi Jones 1:18:22 60 The Future is Faster Than You Think with Peter Diamandis 57:56 61 Music, Writing, and Time For Change with Nabil Ayers 1:20:38 62 Freedom to Express Who We Are with Shantell Martin 1:10:34 63 So You Want to Talk about Race with Ijeoma Oluo 1:10:47 64 Photographing History with Pete Souza 1:16:35 65 Maybe You Should Talk to Someone with Lori Gottlieb 58:51 66 Never Settle with Mario Armstrong 1:38:11 67 The Science of Making Work Not Suck with Adam Grant 1:15:36 68 Street Photography + Capturing Truth with Steve John Irby 1:10:54 69 Life, Writing, and Real Talk with Roxane Gay 1:05:57 70 Steve Aoki: Creativity, Community and No Days Off 50:57 71 The Power of Passion and Perseverance with Angela Duckworth 1:08:25 72 Know What Drives You with Michael Gervais 1:05:20 73 The Code of the Extraordinary Mind with Vishen Lakhiani 59:07 74 Risk, Fear, and the Art of Chill with Jimmy Chin 1:13:51 75 Personal Growth and Understanding with Citizen Cope 1:16:21 76 Living Life on Purpose with Jay Shetty 1:20:06 77 Get Out of Your Own Way with Dave Hollis 1:08:10 78 Hope in A Sea of Endless Calamity with Mark Manson 1:15:12 79 How to Find Yourself with Glennon Doyle 1:10:16 80 Make It Til You Make It with Owen Smith 1:20:50 81 Surf, Survival, and Life on the Road with Ben Moon 1:08:01 82 Create the Change You Seek with Jonah Berger 1:00:22 83 Workplace Revolution with Amy Nelson 1:05:16 84 Rethink Impossible with Colin O'Brady 1:29:31 85 Good Enough is Never Good Enough with Corey Rich 1:25:24 86 Say Yes To What You Want with Chris Burkard 1:22:54 87 Finding Stillness In A Fast Paced World with Ryan Holiday 1:08:00 88 Everything is Figureoutable with Marie Forleo 43:50 89 The Art of Being Yourself with Elizabeth Gilbert 53:41 90 Creativity, Comedy, and Never Settling with Nate Bargatze 1:37:12 91 Personal + Career Reinvention with Jasmine Star 1:01:18 92 Stay Creative, Focused and True to Yourself with Austin Kleon 1:12:25 93 Ramit Sethi 'I Will Teach You To Be Rich' book launch with Chase Jarvis 1:07:17 94 You Don't Need to Be Rich to Live Rich with David Bach 1:09:51 95 Harnessing Your Human Nature for Success with Robert Greene 1:04:28 96 Addiction, Reinvention, and Finding Ultra with Endurance Athlete Rich Roll 1:07:41 97 Disruption, Reinvention, and Reimagining Silicon Valley with Arlan Hamilton 1:12:31 98 The Intersection of Art and Service with Rainn Wilson 1:03:25 99 Your Mind Can Transform Your Life with Tom Bilyeu 1:30:19 100 Do Something Different with Jason Mesnick 1:02:38 101 Less Phone, More Human with Dan Schawbel 1:07:40 102 Startup to $15 Billion: Finding Your Life's Work with Shopify's Harley Finkelstein 1:12:42 103 It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work with Jason Fried 1:49:02 104 Love, Service, and Living Your Truth with Danielle LaPorte 1:11:05 105 How to Do Work That Matters for People Who Care with Seth Godin 1:10:56 106 Happiness Through Gratitude with AJ Jacobs 1:12:54 107 You Are Your Habits with Julien Smith 1:03:40 108 Maximizing Creativity + Navigating the Messy Middle with Scott Belsky 1:09:10 109 The Most Important Conversation About Life… Death with Michael Hebb 1:13:38 110 Redemption and a Thirst for Change with Scott Harrison 54:58 111 Imagination and The Power of Change with Beth Comstock 1:12:29 112 Success, Community, and his cameo in Parks & Recreation with NBA All Star Detlef Schrempf 1:02:02 113 1,000 Paths to Success with Jack Conte 1:07:32 114 Unconventional Ways to Win with Rand Fishkin 1:37:49 115 How to Sell Without Selling Out with Ryan Carson 1:05:45 116 Be the Artist You Want to Work With with Nigel Barker 47:12 117 Your Story Is Your Power with Elle Luna 1:33:53 118 Celebrating Your Weirdness with Thomas Middleditch 1:14:04 119 Persevering Through Failure with Melissa Arnot Reid 1:33:23 120 Go Against the Grain with David Heinemeier Hansson 1:18:07 121 Stamina, Tenacity and Craft with Eugene Mirman 1:17:15 122 Create Work That Lasts with Todd Henry 1:06:50 123 Make Fear Your Friend 08:08 124 Tame Your Distracted Mind with Adam Gazzaley 1:12:08 125 Why Grit, Persistence, and Hard Work Matter with Daymond John 1:05:15 126 How to Launch Your Next Project with Product Hunts with Ryan Hoover 1:11:15 127 Lessons in Business and Life with Richard Branson 45:05 128 Embracing Your Messy Beautiful Life with Glennon Doyle 1:27:29 129 How to Create Work That Lasts with Ryan Holiday 1:20:25 130 5 Seconds to Change Your Life with Mel Robbins 1:14:53 131 Break Through Anxiety and Stress Through Play with Charlie Hoehn 1:08:10 132 The Quest For True Belonging with Brene Brown 1:29:41 133 Real Artists Don't Starve with Jeff Goins 1:19:16 134 Habits for Ultra-Productivity with Jessica Hische 56:18 135 Using Constraints to Fuel Your Best Work Ever with Scott Belsky 1:21:07 136 The Intersection of Art and Business with AirBnB's Joe Gebbia 1:19:56 137 Build a World-Changing Business with Reid Hoffman 1:19:31 138 How Design Drives The World's Best Companies with Robert Brunner 1:05:33 139 Why Creativity Is The Key To Leadership with Sen. Cory Booker 53:06 140 How To Change The Lives Of Millions with Scott Harrison 1:16:14 141 How To Build A Media Juggernaut with Piera Gelardi 1:21:04 142 Transform Your Consciousness with Jason Silva 1:08:02 143 The Formula For Peak Performance with Steven Kotler 1:01:40 144 How What You Buy Can Change The World with Leila Janah 1:04:10 145 Overcoming Fear & Self-Doubt with W. Kamau Bell 47:44 146 The Unfiltered Truth About Entrepreneurship with Adam Braun 1:21:36 147 Build + Sustain A Career Doing What You Love with James Mercer of The Shins 51:58 148 How Design Can Supercharge Your Business with Yves Béhar 33:40 149 Conquer Fear & Self-Doubt with Amanda Crew 1:29:39 150 Become A Master Communicator with Vanessa Van Edwards 1:19:52 151 How iJustine Built Her Digital Empire with iJustine 1:08:05 152 How To Be A World-Class Creative Pro with Joe McNally 1:05:19 153 How To Stop Waiting And Start Doing with Roman Mars 43:43 154 Gut, Head + Heart Alignment with Scott Dadich 38:17 155 If Not Now, When? with Debbie Millman 55:31

Class Description

Each week here on The Chase Jarvis Live Show, CreativeLive Founder + CEO Chase Jarvis sits down with the world’s top creative entrepreneurs and thought leaders and unpacks actionable, valuable insights to help you live your dreams in career, hobby, and in life..

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First aired in 2010, the show has featured guests including:

Richard BransonArianna HuffingtonMark Cuban
Jared LetoMacklemoreAdrian Grenier
Tim FerrissGary VaynerchukSir Mix-A-Lot
Cory BookerBrené BrowniJustine
Daymond JohnLewis HowesMarie Forleo
LeVar BurtonGabrielle BernsteinRyan Holiday
Amanda CrewJames Mercer (The Shins)James Altucher
Ramit SethiDebbie MillmanKevin Rose
Marc EckoTina Roth EisenbergSophia Amoruso
Chris GuillebeauW. Kamau BellStefan Sagmeister
Neil StraussYves BeharVanessa Van Edwards
Caterina FakeRoman MarsKevin Kelly
Brian SolisScott HarrisonPiera Gelardi
Steven KotlerLeila JanahKelly Starrett
Elle LunaAdam BraunJoe McNally
Brandon StantonGretchen RubinAustin Kleon
Scott Dadich


Dream Focus Studio

By far the best classes on Creative Live!! Thanks Chase Jarvis for bringing so much greatness to the table for discussion! Just LOVE it!


Excellent interview with thoughtful questions. Thanks!!

Carla Thauberger

This was amazing. Will definitely be viewing again and again. Thank you both for this!