Andrew Wade (ADTR, The Ghost Inside) on Awesome Amp Sims

Andrew Wade Demos AmpsIf you’ve ever looked for good information on amp sims, you know that finding the good stuff in the sea of crap out there on YouTube, forums, etc., has always been difficult to say the least. But not anymore! Because Andrew Wade (ADTR, The Ghost Inside, Motionless In White, The Word Alive, etc) put together literally the best tutorial ever made on amp sims as part of his his Recording Rock Guitars class. You can throw away all those other, crappy tutorials you have bookmarked, because this is the ONLY one you or anybody else needs — and we are giving it away right here for free. Why? Because we love good guitar sounds, and more importantly we love you (yes, YOU!!). Check it out:

Andrew covers Amplitube, Pod Farm, Lepoulin, and the most important part of getting a great sound out of amp sims: impulse responses. Oh, and did we mention that he demos all of them using the actual Pro Tools session for “Dead & Buried” by A Day To Remember?? How awesome is that?! This video is seriously everything you need to know about this subject, so don’t sleep on it.

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