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Get Off The Computer & Back In The Jam Room

Technology has changed music in unfathomable ways in last 20 years. The digital age has made equipment cheaper, affording higher quality recording capability for younger musicians and amateurs, and digital audio workstation software has radically revolutionized how songs are conceived, constructed, and arranged. The debate…

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Young Musicians: The Hope Of Metal Music?

Entering my mid 30’s and having 15 years experience as a professional musician, I have the benefit of perspective: seeing trends come and go, and seeing my world, the world of heavy music, truly evolve. I have written ad nauseam about the discomfort that comes…

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What Are Backing Tracks And Why Do They Matter?

Would you describe yourself as an active concertgoer? If you find yourself seeing lots of live music, you may have noticed that many bands are sounding remarkably close to their produced recorded material. The vocals sound big, clean, and expertly performed in perfect pitch. Even…