25 Sites for Finding the Best Remote Jobs

Best Websites for Finding Remote Jobs and Working Situations

When I was growing up, I thought “being an adult” would look something like this:

You hop out of bed at 5am, pack your lunch, guzzle some coffee, throw on a blazer, and then buckle in for a good hour of driving through crazy traffic. You arrive at the fluorescent light-filled office you work at, where one of your many supervisors tells you to work through lunch to fix a minor problem that wasn’t your fault. On the 2-hour drive home, you contemplate life as an artist and reminisce about college.

Out in the real world, I discovered (luckily!) that there are a lot more options out there. When I started learning web design, I realized that freelancing was a great way to support myself financially without giving up my creative dreams or shackling myself to a 9-to-5 I didn’t want.


But after a few months of a work at home job, I was dreaming of a middle ground. I missed the energy that comes with working with a team towards a common goal, but I didn’t want to give up the freedom of working from anywhere.

Enter: the remote job. Remote positions, sometimes referred to as “telecommuting jobs” or “flexible jobs,” give you the best of freelance jobs and office jobs and are a growing opportunity in today’s job market, paritculalrlly with the rise of social media and office communication apps like Slack and Skype.

You gain control over your life, so you can work when and where you want, but you can still reap the benefits of working for a company—benefits like job security, a reliable monthly paycheck, and the excitement that comes from working with others.

And remote jobs are getting more popular by the hour. A Virgin Media Business survey predicted that by 2022, 60% of the workforce will have work-from-home jobs, and according to The Guardian, ⅓ of employees think that by 2036, the daily commute will be a thing of the past. Work-life balance is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

But how do you find these elusive remote jobs today? Easy! I scoured the web for the very best job search sites out there when it comes to landing a flexible position. If you’re a job seeker, all you have to do is skim the sites for the best remote job for you. Whether you’re a project manager or an entry-level graphic designer, here is a list of sites to find remote companies hiring for your role.

Remote-Work Specific

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has over 50 career categories, with jobs ranging from freelance to full-time, entry-level to executive. The best part? They screen the jobs before posting, so you don’t have to dig through shady opportunities. The site currently hosts more than 20K job listings including part-time and freelance opportunities! Find your new job today!

2. We Work Remotely

Sponsored by Remote, the book by famed 37Signals founders, this job board is a catch-all of remote jobs from customer service to software engineering to programming. With the catchy subtag “Office not required,” and the cache of the 37Signals brand behind it, this site is sure to host remote opportunities at some of the hottest tech companies.

3. Working Nomads

WorkingNomads (formerly goRemotely) delivers a curated list of remote jobs right to your inbox. Choose daily or weekly emails to make the remote job search come to you.

4. Remotive

Remotive is a weekly newsletter for remote workers, as well as a job board featuring positions in Engineering, Marketing, Product, Support, Sales, and Human Resources. The site is growing fast—they recently debuted their blog page and have plans for an interactive remote work community. And check out their awesome resources, like this Productive Remote Worker Toolkit.

Work-from-home jobs are on the rise. Woman works at home with her daughter.

5. Staff.com

Instead of focusing on contract jobs, Staff.com features primarily long-term telecommuting jobs in a range of industries from customer success to programming. Choose to work either 80 hours a month (part-time) or 160 hours a month (full-time), and the site recruiters start matching you with employers!

6. Skip The Drive

With a great name, a great resources tab (listing authors to follow and sites to check for help in the remote job world), and a decent listing of remote jobs, this site is true to its eponymous mission. Use what the site provides, you can completely skip that ugly morning commute.

7. Virtual Vocations

This job board features only telecommuting jobs from technical writers to paralegals. Started by a stay-at-home mom frustrated with the job search for legitimate remote jobs, the company is still run by an entirely remote team. Plus, the blog has great tips, such as a recent article on how to take on a remote gig for the holiday season.


8. PowerToFly

This new (but fast up-and-coming) site is a Skillcrush dream come true. PowerToFly is focused on matching women in tech with work-from-anywhere jobs. Join the talent database, go through the vetting process, and get matched for a “paid trial,” a 2-4 week test period to make sure it’s a good fit for both you and the employer. Started by two moms with serious tech chops, this company is perfectly poised to make your remote job dream a reality!

9. Authentic Jobs

The job board for web professionals. Just click the “wireless logo” (you’ll recognize it) and filter by remote jobs. Beautifully designed and easy to use, as you’d expect from a job board for creatives and developers!

10. Dribble

Dribble is a great site for graphic designers to find their next gig. There’s a location tab right on top where you can click “remote / anywhere” and be off to the races finding your next work-from-home gig.

work-life balance with remote jobs

11. AngelList

Always dreamed of working for a startup, but don’t live in a startup city hub? Head over to AngelList, a top site for startup jobs. When you search for a job on AngelList, click on “Job Type” and choose “Remote OK.”

12. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a go-to jobs board for many top tech talent, especially web developers. Type in “remote” in the location field and you’ll bring up a list of more than 2,000 jobs that fit the bill.

13. Ruby Now

A job board entirely dedicated to Ruby developers. Once you graduate from the Web Developer Blueprint, and watch Adda’s video on how to get hired as a Ruby Developer, head on over and get to work landing a remote gig here.

Freelance and Contract

14. SkillBridge

Focused on connecting top-tier former consultants with short-term engagements for high impact corporations, the SkillBridge model is taking the traditional consulting world by storm. As a consultant, you can focus on only remote work and only on projects (and with clients) you are passionate about. Whether you bring e-mail marketing expertise or are a whiz at building financial models, the SkillBridge site and model is a remote-worker-dream-come-true.

15. Fiverr

With jobs starting at just $5 a pop, Fiverr is an amazing site to find your first gigs and build up a portfolio FAST. The site focuses on “gigs” or “micro-jobs,” such as editing an image in photoshop, designing a Facebook ad, or brainstorming SEO-rank-worthy article titles.

16. oDesk

oDesk features remote jobs in a suite of categories: from virtual assistants to mobile app developers. A little something extra to sweeten the deal: oDesk claims that more than 1 million companies, from Pinterest to OpenTable, use the site to hire remote freelancers.

17. Guru

With the tagline “Work Your Way,” Guru allows freelancers to build profiles with portfolios of work. Employers find your profile, or search/apply for jobs. The homepage features a wide range of roles from WordPress Developers to Logo Designers.


18. Elance

More than 300K programmers and more than 200K designers use Elance to connect with remote job opportunities. Microsoft, Cisco, and Mozilla are just a few of the companies hiring contract workers on Elance.

19. Freelancer.com

Claiming to be “The World’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace,” Freelancer.com is chock full of remote freelancing gigs. With over 13 million users, it features jobs for PHP developers, content writers, and web designers alike. Make a profile and start bidding on jobs!

20. Freelancermap.com

Search thousands of IT projects that are remote, and almost always contract. This site has a global reach with projects at companies from Holland to Spain to Ohio!


21. The Muse

With a gorgeous user interface and fun-to-explore information about all the companies and jobs they feature, The Muse makes the job search for ‘the one’ easy, whethere you’re looking to get into content marketing or software engineering. Search for the content features on the site that highlight remote opportunities, such as 7 Companies That Let You Work From Home.

22. Indeed

One of the most robust job boards you can find, Indeed pulls data from around the internet and around the world to bring together jobs. From Product Marketers to a “Technology Productivity Consultant,” Indeed’s 2K+ remote jobs run the gamut.

23. Idealist

For those who have always wanted to work on public health in Africa, or economic development in India, but weren’t willing to uproot from your friends, family, and country, Idealist.org has the opportunities for you.  You can filter all of your searches by selecting “remote” in the location category.

24. Career Builder

The Career Builder jobs site is the largest online employment website in the United States! Type in “telecommute” or “remote” as a keyword and find more than 9K part-time, contract, and full-time jobs from brands like Forever 21 Inc, Xerox, and Univision.

25. Monster

The first name you think of when you hear the words “job board,” Monster does indeed host a plethora of remote jobs. From remote customer service opportunities to remote sales representatives, there are plenty of options if you’re willing to sift.

And if you’re looking at this list and thinking, “Awesome! But I don’t even know if I’m qualified for a remote job,” don’t fret! Download The Ultimate Guide to Landing the Remote Job of Your Dreams. The 38-page guide is jampacked with the resources and tools you need to translate your current skills and experience into the flexible job you really want. It all starts with learning how to discover your strengths and making sure remote working is the right career path for you.

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