10 People Who Are Really Nailing That Instagram Thing

Instagram gets a bad reputation — and, to be fair, there are some pretty not-great accounts out there. But there are also some users who are getting super creative with their feeds, playing with light, color, and even food to make beautiful visual art on a small medium. These aren’t gimmicky — they’re just unique and attractive and, occasionally, pretty funny.

How many do you follow?

Simone Bramante describes himself as a storyteller, first, and a photographer second. His Instagram feed features some really surreal images, but they’re all beautiful and colorful — and envy-inducing.

You’re not afraid of heights, are you? Because if so, urban explorer Vitaliy Raskalov, who travels the world and climbs on things, might not be the guy for you.

NASA is not messing around. With images and stories from the Goddard Space Flight Center, this feed includes not only beautifully-composed pictures from space, but also a great deal of educational material.

Red (Hong Yi) says she “likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush,” and, instead, often plays with her food. Her eye-catching images have gotten her hired by places like Master Card to make pictures like this one, which is really a testament to the power of social media and sharing.

What’s that? You want MORE clever food photography? Well then follow along with Norweigian photographer and snack artist Ida Skivenes, who makes better lunches than any of us could have ever dreamed of.

Mathu Anderson’s use of makeup is enviable — which is understandable, because that’s his job. As the creative producer of RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s personal hair and makeup artist, Mathu is used to getting creative with cosmetics. His personal Instagram feed really brings selfies to a whole new level.

Design dorks know: Pantone is truth. So of course, their official Instagram feed features plenty of delicious experiments in color.

This adorable account makes great use of naptime to create utterly cute visual landscapes out of fabric. So cute.

National Geographic photographer and North Face athlete Cory Richards shares the images he takes on location, including some of the most remote places on the planet. Cory is also a filmmaker, and it shows in his photos; he gets truly creative with the shots, relying not just on the stunning locales, but also his own skill with a camera.

It is any surprise that GoPro has an amazing Instagram account? Of course not. Rounding up some of the most incredible photos taken by users of “the world’s most versatile camera,” the official GoPro feed features some truly extreme images.

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