The creativeLIVE Learn List: What Will You Learn This Week?

Whether you have a few spare minutes or an entire day free, there’s always something new to learn on creativeLIVE. This week’s offerings focus on our audience of photographers — from newbie gearheads to seasoned wedding photographers. Here’s what you can learn for free this week on creativeLIVE.

DPReview Live DPReview_1600x900

Monday: In this unprecedented live Cyber Monday event, DPReview’s editorial team will reveal their top camera and gear picks for 2013. Learn which products will go down as 2013’s hottest trends, which new gear is a must-have for your photography studio, which cameras are best for travel photography, and much more. Watch Now

Think Like a 10K Wedding Photographer 10KWeddingLIM_1600x900

Wednesday-Friday: Get ready to learn the ins and outs of upscale wedding photography. Scott Robert Lim will share his tried-and-true playbook for delighting every affluent bride and groom — including 25 “money shots” you’ll need to boost your prices and profile on the luxury market. Enroll now

30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business Lori_30Days_1600x900

Monday-Friday: Lori Nordstrom’s 30-day course on the skills every portrait photographer needs to know concludes this week. Even if you haven’t been following along since Day 1, it’s not too late to pop in, listen along, and get inspired as Lori shares final insights on building a portraiture business that keeps clients smiling and profits growing.



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