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The Key to Landing BIG Clients

As an entrepreneur, knowing how to land clients is everything, no matter your industry. But once you’re past the newbie phase and feel ready to move on to the next level, it’s time to score some bigger clients who will pay you well. If you…

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Should You Go to Photography School?

Nearly every photographer has arrived at a crucial moment in his or her career when the following question inevitably comes up: should I go to school for photography? There’s a lot to be said for structured classroom learning, but is it actually worthwhile for such…

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Infographic: Should You Quit Your Day Job?

There are countless stories about creative entrepreneurs who quit their day jobs, in order to pursue their dream careers. There’s even a class here that can help you do exactly that. Held up as the answer to decades of cubicle-dwelling in a miserable, “Office Space”-esque…

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23 Wholesale Terms Every Maker Should Know

You’ve been hustling to create a solid product line, strong brand and you’ve seen success selling your products online and in craft shows. You’re making a name for yourself and you’ve started getting inquiries from retail shops (big and small) that are interested in carrying…

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