Acquisition of Expands CreativeLive’s Portfolio

Today, we are excited to announce our new partnership with

CreativeLive exists to be the ultimate learning resource for creators, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Wildist is a leading provider of online courses in outdoor and adventure photography. The acquisition of Wildist broadens the professional resources available for aspiring creatives and photographers within the CreativeLive community. 

World-renowned photographer Alex Strohl and innovator Laura Schmalstieg founded Wildist in 2018. Their mission is to provide high quality classes and workshops that help photographers do their best work.

An Acquisition for Creators

The merging of these two educational platforms provides aspiring photographers with a world class resource bank for advancing their careers. 

CreativeLive and Wildist empower people to pursue their creative ambitions by providing detailed classes taught by professionals. It’s a collective goal to bridge the gap between expert photographers and enthusiasts. In depth learning experiences that make you feel like you’re in person with the instructor is a priority.  

Wildist offers classes that relate directly to outdoor adventure photography. Classes include specific tips and tricks for photographing wildlife, capturing drone footage, shooting for brands, and a lot more.

Alex Strohl, founder of Wildist paddling in a canoe

All Wildist classes will join CreativeLive’s current collection of over 1000 photography classes. The level of depth and detail offered in this shared portfolio solidifies CreativeLive as a premier learning destination for photographers of all levels. 

Photography is at the core of CreativeLive.

The acquisition of Wildist gives aspiring photographers tools to improve photography, monetize work, and turn their creativity into a successful business.

In CEO of CreativeLive Chase Jarvis’ words,

“Our roots run deep in photography – it is why I started CreativeLive and it is where my true passion lies. As a platform that seeks to meet the evolving needs of all different types of creators, acquiring and its content highlights our ongoing commitment to this space and to ensuring the future success of photographers everywhere… Photography is also an important and robust category on Fiverr. So there is an incredible opportunity for photographers to learn new skills through new CreativeLive content, and then monetize their new skills on the Fiverr platform. The Fiverr network, including CreativeLive, cares deeply about empowering talent and providing them with the tools they need to grow professionally. This acquisition solidifies that commitment.” -Chase Jarvis

A Creative Future

It helps to learn from the best. CreativeLive and Wildist provide high level education that expands their creative community’s potential. If you are just getting started, or trying to fine tune your craft, there are classes that will meet you where you are, and help you get to the next level. 

This partnership demonstrates an important culture that exists at the heart of both CreativeLive and Wildist. A culture of ongoing dedication toward developing the next generation of creative entrepreneurs and photographers.

Sharing information and resources is what drives the evolution of ideas and leads to collective growth. If you’re an existing Wildist customer, visit this page to see all your classes. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can subscribe to access these classes plus 2000+ more.

Check out the official press release and our FAQs about the acquisition.

Matthew Callans