make time to read

5 Ways To Make More Time To Read

My whole life, I’ve been an avid, if not voracious, reader. I tear through books as if I depend on them for sustenance, and I suppose in some ways, I do. All my books’ pages are perpetually dog-eared, their margins filled with scribbled notes, the…

movies on netflix about work

6 Movies On Netflix That Will Inspire You to Get to Work

Working independently from home, myriad temptations prove themselves difficult to resist. Chief among these is the temptation to laze the day away in front of a never-ending Netflix film reel. While I’d never encourage procrastination or sloth-like behaviors, I am prone to believe that a…

get energized without coffee

4 Ways To Get Energized Without Caffeine

Coffee is my ride-or-die. It always has been and always will be, but sometimes a cup of coffee in the late afternoon isn’t the wisest option if I’m planning on sleeping that night. Luckily, I’ve got some other tried-and-true alternatives for powering through that 3PM…