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The Fader, Ep. 10: Ulrich Wild

There used to be a career path for young engineers that started with being a runner in the studio and provided the opportunity for those willing to work hard and learn to prove themselves and eventually get a shot at sitting behind the board for…

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The Fader, Ep. 9: Aaron Marsh of Copeland

Welcome to the ninth episode of the Fader podcast, a production of CreativeLive’s Music and Audio Channel. On this podcast, I have the opportunity to sit down with producers, engineers, bands, players, songwriters or pretty much anyone who is doing something cool in the studio…

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The Fader, Ep. 8: The Blair Brothers Talk Film Scoring

Ever since I started making records, I’ve wanted to get into film scoring. Beyond a traditional orchestral score, using the studio as a way to create music that moves a storyline along is a complicated and challenging endeavor requiring technical skill, creative intuition, and a tremendous amount of…

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How To Set Yourself Apart As An Audio Engineer

Audio engineers often think they can do it all — including recording and producing. And honestly, that’s what makes them so versatile and knowledgable about the ins and outs of making sounds. It often starts out modestly, with a stab at recording your own band’s…

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The Fader, Ep. 6: Engineer Adam Jackson

Last spring I had the opportunity to work with Adam Jackson, FOH engineer for Christina Perri on a live recording in Seattle at the Neptune Theater. Having worked in a lot of venues and with a number of different crews, you never quite know what…