Bertelsmann Champions Creative Education By Offering CreativeLive Classes to its 100,000+ Employees

Growth and education opportunities on the job are no longer a ‘nice to have’ – they are an expectation. Simultaneously, creativity has become a critical, teachable skill that is radically transforming the global workforce and powering the world’s most innovative companies. One of those companies is Bertelsmann, an international media, services and education company that is now offering the CreativeLive class library to its worldwide employees.


San Francisco, September 4, 2019 – CreativeLive today announced its biggest enterprise deal in the company’s nine-year history with Bertelsmann – the international media, services and education company. Beginning in October, 117,000 Bertelsmann employees from more than 50 countries worldwide will be able to experience nearly 2,000 handpicked CreativeLive classes covering themes such as design thinking, entrepreneurship, communication, and emotional intelligence.

CreativeLive is recognized as a global leader in creative learning. Its online programs feature individuals who are not only experts in their field, but who are excellent teachers too, including bestselling author Tim Ferriss, award-winning business woman and author Arianna Huffington, and LinkedIn co-Founder Reid Hoffman, and hundreds more.

Creativity is a core value for Bertelsmann. The international media, services and education company is a pioneer in using massive e-learning content to provide employees with continuing education and training through a Group-wide learning platform. With this offering, Bertelsmann further empowers their employees with the needed skillsets for their jobs now and in the future, and supports the continuous transformation and development of their company.

As Steven Moran, Chief Learning Officer at Bertelsmann explains: “For Bertelsmann, lifelong learning is an essential driver in implementing our strategy. We are a trailblazer when it comes to re-thinking the way re-skilling needs to happen in mission-critical technologies. Given the essential role that creativity and entrepreneurship play at Bertelsmann, making sure employees have the best learning content available to them in these areas – anytime, anywhere and at scale – is without doubt the next challenge. CreativeLive is an exceptional resource, enabling our employees not only to upgrade their skills on an individual level, but also helping build the type of transformative and innovative cultures we need as an organization in general.”

The move to provide Bertelsmann employees with this rich pool of high-quality content from CreativeLive is aligned with their commitment to creativity as key to delivering services and products that inspire customers around the world.

“Creativity is radically transforming our world, and the future favors people and organizations that can create, innovate, and design the best products, services.”

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