4 Essential Business Tools for Working Remotely

5 Essential Tools for Running a Global Business

You just landed the remote job of your dreams, and now you want to travel the world while working from sandy beaches in Southeast Asia.

You’ve always dreamed of visiting Japan, France, India, and South America. Thanks to growing connectivity around the world, now you can travel wherever you want, while still bringing in a steady income.

According to Internet Live Stats, about 40 percent of the planet, or 3.2 billion people, have access to the internet. Among the top countries where citizens are connected like China, India, Brazil, France, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, that number is ever increasing.

You don’t need to physically be in an office, in order to effectively get your work done.

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With these four essential business tools, you can effectively manage remote job duties while you travel abroad.

Track time in and out of the office.

TSheets is an app for desktop and mobile devices that allows you to track your time working, and even allocate that time across various different ongoing projects.

The app uses GPS tracking so you can display where you are, and clock in and out even while running business errands or attending industry conferences. The app integrates with QuickBooks, so if you’re using it as part of your freelance business, you can go ahead and promptly send out invoices to clients.

If you’re managing employees remotely, I’d highly recommend checking out When I Work, an app that’s designed to help you schedule and communicate with your employees quickly & effectively, from wherever you are.

Video conferencing to check in and share documents.

For video conferencing capabilities, try ClickMeeting. This platform provides video and audio conferencing, lets you share your screens, and has both moderated and private chat options.

5 Essential Business Tools for Working Remotely

Plus, chats can be translated on the spot into 52 different languages through a Google Translate integration. If you’re having trouble explaining a concept to a co-worker whose native language is not English, you can easily switch over to another tongue. The program can also be integrated with Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, Adobe, and Twitter.

Message employees whenever, and wherever they are.

When your co-workers are out and about, they might not be checking their emails very often. That’s where WhatsApp comes into play.

This app works with any type of smartphone, and offers free messaging all around the world. To connect with multiple co-workers, you can initiate group chats, and you can also send photos and videos. In addition, WhatsApp is now providing a free international calling feature for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone devices.

An app that makes travel easier.

Sometimes you may have to travel to your home office and check up with your bosses. During that time, you need to be organized to ensure that your trip will be a success. GateGuru, a TripAdvisor app, shows you details of your journey on your mobile device so that you get to your flights on time, find rental cars, and see nearby amenities like coffee shops and restaurants.

The app will eliminate some stress, as you’ll be able to view any flight delays, layover time adjustments, and gate changes all in one place. When it’s tax time, you have all your miles and journeys tracked in this easy-to-access app.

Though it may be intimidating to start looking for a remote job, it can easily be done with these tools in your back pocket.

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