The Fader, Ep 2: Engineer Shane Bardiau

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Welcome to the Fader episode 2. Today, we’re showcasing an interview with FOH (front-of-house) and monitor engineer Shane Bardiau who has toured with Hunter Hunted, 21 Pilots, Phantogram, Seether, Hot Bodies in Motion, and many more.

He is also a house engineer in Seattle at the legendary Showbox Market. We talk about how to get from being an on-call engineer at a local venue to making your move and getting hired by a touring band. Shane is an accomplished engineer as well as generous and kind professional that bands love to work with.

He shares what has led to his success.

Zach Varnell

Zach began recording in his parents basement in Denver with a two track reel-to-reel and a mixer from radioshack. In the summer of 2014, Zach went back to education, working with CreativeLive as a content producer for the audio channel.