Want to Fix Your Life? Start Today

iStock_000024200881MediumIt’s not often that we tell people not to get a jump on whatever their creative passion is — and actually, we’re not really doing that now. But beginning tomorrow, career coach Beate Chelette will take you on a 21-day trip to fix your life and get inspired. Whether it’s the small business you keep telling people you want to start (but secretly don’t even know the first step), negotiating the raise you know you’re due for, or just becoming a more productive, effective worker, Beate’s got a start-to-finish plan, which kicks off tomorrow, April 25.

When you RSVP to her course, Turn Your Talent into a Business in 12 Steps, Beate will provide you with a day-to-day plan to get your life in order with daily reflections to help you conquer challenges in your everyday life and your business.

The 21 days begin tomorrow — which actually means you need to start today. The first thing to do? RSVP for the course. The second? Get a journal.

“If you are not already using a journal, I encourage you to consider starting one,” writes Beate, “I have a couple of reasons for this. The first reason is that writing out thoughts allows us to stop replaying endless scenarios in our heads about what is or may be going on…The second reason is that when we write down what is going on, we organize our thoughts.”

Once you’ve got the journal dialed in, you’re set to start getting your life in order. In the 21 days leading up to the course, Beate will help you figure out better communication skills, self-forgiveness, and even get you started making a plan to stay focused and move forward.

RSVP to Beate’s course to get started. And do it today, not tomorrow.

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