Quick Tip: Two Easy Ways To Flatter Skin In Photos

Beautifully color-balanced skin.
Beautifully color-balanced skin. Photo by Lindsay Adler

Flawless skin is essential in glamour and fashion photography, but even models with a clear complexion can look uneven in less-than-ideal lighting. The solution? Color management, a simple, yet sophisticated trick to getting radiant skin in your images. CreativeLive instructor and renowned photographer Lindsay Adler has two easy ways to manage color in your photos and ensure that your models have beautiful, glowing skin. Check out her tips to flatter skin below!

Use A Color-Checker
One of the biggest mistakes photographers make is setting their camera to “auto” and forgetting to color-check. The crazy thing is that color-checking is insanely easy, and takes about five seconds. Simply ask your model to hold a color-checker next to her face, and in post-processing you can set your white balance using that image as a reference! Now you’ll know for sure that the color both in the scene and in the model’s skin is picture-perfect!

Use An ExpoDisc
If you don’t have a color-checker handy, you can always grab an ExpoDisc. It’s great for getting a solid color balance, and you get the effect right in the camera. To use the ExpoDisc, stand next to your subject and photograph your light source. Set that as a custom white balance and your model’s skin tone will be absolutely stunning.

Want more tips from Lindsay? Check out her upcoming course on Mastering Location Lighting with CreativeLive, August 21-23!

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