“Don’t Wait Until You’re Ready”: 11 Pieces of Incredible Advice from Andrew WK

Known best for either a.) his music or, more likely b.) his non-stop stream of encouraging positivity regarding partying (and generally living life), musician, performer, and motivational speaker Andrew WK has had something of a cult following for years. Though more recently, since penning a book and showing enormous prowess on Twitter, the long-haired man in white has become a beacon of inspiration, both through his weekly column in the Village Voice, and in his online presence.

But Andrew WK’s advice isn’t just for internet people and frat boys; his pearls of wisdom are actually really applicable to creative professionals who might need a push toward positive thinking, encouragement, and motivation.


“It’s not supposed to be easy to achieve your dream.” — Village Voice, August 13


“We must be brave enough to wholeheartedly deny all the forces working to crush our spirit.”  Village Voice, July 23


“Not being dead makes just about everything about day-to-day life into a party.” — Reddit AMA


“This is a simple warning: If people can’t see your trash cans, they’ll use your entire place as a giant trash can.” — Flavorwire


“Some people see a problem and run away because they’re scared. But courageous people see a problem and run towards it — even though they’re scared too.” — Village Voice, July 16


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