Interview: PAPA’s Darren Weiss and Danny Presant — Exclusive

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For most of us, playing a sold out show to thousands of fans singing along to your songs is nothing more than a lifelong pipe dream. It’s a delightful daily daydream during our commute to work, or during those moments when we need to pretend to be somewhere else than where we are at a particular moment. For a select few, like Darren Weiss and Danny Presant of the up-and-coming band PAPA, our pipe dream is their reality.

PAPA performs during Sasquatch.

How? For years, Danny and Darren put in work for years in basically every industry imaginable — working as bus boys, and at Bloomberg as data miners. In the hours out of the office or dish pit, they played in a variety of bands, experimenting with sounds and instruments. That consistent persistence, discpline, adaptability (to new jobs, new sounds), and curiosity created the internationally-touring lives they live today. Find out all about Papa’s DIY climb to the international circui, and much more, during our exclusive interview with the band, filmed in CreativeLive’s San Francisco studios just hours before the kick-off concert of their “Tender Madness” tour.

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