Join Us For Landscapes Live: A Photo Critique With John Greengo

John Greengo Live Landscape Critique

A challenge landscape photographers often face is accurately capturing the scenes they’re witnessing with their own eyes. Whether it’s waves crashing against the shore of Ireland, the fog swallowing up the coastal mountains in San Francisco, or tracking the Milky Way across a pitch black desert sky. The world around us offers endless photo ops, we just have to learn how to capture it in the best ways possible.

In a recent interview with pro photographer, John Greengo confirms that a common mistake photographers make is assuming the camera can see what your eyes see. And when you’re trying to hone your skills, there’s nothing more valuable than an expert eye giving you feedback to show you how different these two visions — your eyes and the camera lens — really are.

That’s why we’ve asked John to join us on Wednesday, April 27th for a live critique to help you unlock your landscape potential and improve your craft.

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We’ll be selecting a number of landscape and nature photo submissions, for John to provide insights, feedback, and advice to improve your photographs. Want your landscape images critiqued on air? Upload your photos to our student gallery by April 26th, 2016 for a chance to be featured on the free live broadcast. But there are a few things you must know first:

– We’re looking specifically for your best nature and landscape photos.

– Images should be at least 4k pixels on the long side, but keep files to under 10MB

– Label your JPG files yourfullname.jpg. 

– Upload your images to the Landscapes Live student gallery page by April 26th to be considered for the critique

RSVP to the critique here to be reminded of the live broadcast of Landscapes Live: Photo Critique With John Greengo on April 27th 2016 at 1PM PT!

Kristy Ellington

Head of content marketing and social media at Creativelive.