Music & Audio podcast 33: Nick Hipa of Wovenwar

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Nick Hipa is one of those rare humans who just makes you feel really good when you talk to him– one of those guys who makes you feel like the sun is shining all the time! He’s also the guitarist for Wovenwar, who as you may know are the newish band essentially formed from the ashes of metalcore pioneers As I Lay Dying. I ran into him a couple months ago when they were on tour with Atreyu and Beartooth, and realized that I needed to pick his brain and figure out what makes him such a chill dude and solid musician.

“Archers,” from their self-titled debut album. Video is edited and directed by Nick too!

We caught up with Nick to talk about how their songwriting process works and how it’s evolved over the 10+ years they’ve been playing together, his home studio setup, how pre-pro is the key to successful studio sessions, and working with legendary producers and mixers like Bill Stevenson and Colin Richardson.


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